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Make Money with Adsense

March 21, 2007

If you don’t already know what Google Adsense ads are, then have you ever been to a website that has an advertisement, and above or below the ad, it says “Ads by Google”? A lot of sites use this, and that’s what I’ll be talking about today. If you want to monetize your blog, Adsense is my recommendation.

Adsense is, in my experience, one of the best ways to make money online, through your blogs and websites. For many Adsense is a sole and trusty source of revenue. Google Adsense is 100% completely free and easy to use.

The pros of Adsense? It is a Google program, so you can be sure it’s trustworthy and reliable. It’s easy to use – just paste a code into your blog/website, and you’re done. After that, you wait for people to click the ads! Did I mention ads placed on your page are relevant to your content? That means that the ads displayed will show information related to your site, so there is a higher click rate. Also, there are charts showing your earnings. I could go on and on about the pros, but I’m afraid you’ll have to see them all for yourself.

You don’t only make money through the ads – along with image, text, and link ads, you can use referral programs and the Google search bar to bring in extra revenue. If you advertise referral programs, all you do is a place a button on your site and when people click on it and download, purchase, or sign up for whatever the program is, you earn lots of cash!

When you sign up for Adsense, be sure to read the rules very carefully, maybe even a couple times. Google is very strict on their rules to be taken seriously, and if you’re caught breaking a rule (such as clicking your own ads to earn money), then your account could be banned. If you’re an honest person who follows the rules, however, you usually have nothing to worry about.

The money isn’t going to roll in – you’re going to have to do a lot of serious work promoting your website, getting it out there, getting it on search engines, making great content, and more. For people to click on the ads and earn you money, you actually have to have people visiting your site. You can’t sit back, relax, and wait. It’s not that easy. But if you’re dedicated, I promise you that you won’t regret signing up for Google’s Adsense program.

There is so much more to learn about Google Adsense, so please consider reading the following topics to increase your knowledge AND your earnings with the program:

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5 Responses to “Make Money with Adsense”

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  5. No money down home loans on March 1st, 2010 8:26 am

    Making money with adsense is possible.
    Before targeting a niche, it is well advised to learn the SEO concept. Just having a site or blog will not be enough.
    My ‘lesson’ was when I tried to optimize a website in a niche that was over promoted by big companies. The result was 100% frustration. 0% money…
    My advise is study who your competitors for the keyword phrase before picking a niche.
    Good luck you the new marketiers

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