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It’s a happy day, let me link to you!

April 28, 2007

It’s a happy day here at Super Blogging, and for other people over the blogosphere too. Over at Kumiko’s Cash Quest, I discovered people were getting page ranks (I think she has a PR 5). At first I thought that this blog is too young and small and useless to get a page rank. I thought I’d have to do a lot more work. But then I got curious and went around various sites entering this blog’s URL, and they all told me I had a PR of 2! Then I got the little button to put in my sidebar, and it also says I have a PR of 2. Is it just me? Does the little button have a 2 in it for you, also? If I in fact DO have a page rank, I will be very happy. But I’m not quite sure. Can anyone confirm if I do have a PR of 2?

Second of all, I’m taking place in the Feed my Feed now. Check it out! It’s like the Technorati Train, with the same concept, but this time instead of getting favorited on Technorati, you get more linkbacks and readers to your feed. Click here to read about the Feed my Feed and check it out. If you’re smart, you’ll repost it on your blog. ;)

THIRD, I’ve made the most with Google Adsense I’ve ever made in one single day! Apparently someone signed up under me on Adsense, and I didn’t even know it. Today Adsense tells me someone has made a “conversion”, which means they’ve signed up under me and earned five dollars within 180 days. So I’m pretty happy about that too!

Fourth… I have made the minimum payout of ten dollars on myLot before the end of the month, so I will be seeing that in my Paypal account! myLot is an extremely fun messageboard that pays you for doing just about everything on their site. It’s easy to earn their, you can earn for your referrals, and it’s fun! Click here to read more about myLot and see the signup link.

Besides all that stuff and probably MORE, I’m just in a really good mood today. So I added a “contact me” to this blog, where you can send me an email and I can reply – no spam, I promise. Also, I took out the whole list of archived posts that was getting too long. Now archives are at the bottom and they just list the months, not the name of all the posts. I replaced all of that with “Featured Posts”, which is now at the top of the right sidebar. I will randomly change these every now and then, so keep a lookout on it. :)


And since I’m having SUCH a good day, you can get your blog linked to on mine and help up your Technorati rating a little (also see the Feed my Feed for Technorati score upping). Just drop me a comment with the link to your blog (and be sure to let me know you want it to appear on this post, so there are no misunderstandings), and I will edit this post and add your link to the bottom, where it will remain until the end of time. Have a great day everyone!


I,Malaysian! – http://imalaysian.com
The Network Marketing Blog – http://networkb4umarket.blogspot.com
Blog About Your Blog – http://blogaboutyourblog.com

Firefox Suits All Your Needs

April 26, 2007

Firefox is the best internet browser out there, in my opinion and in the opinion of many others. If you’re using Internet Explorer or even something else, now is the time to switch to Firefox, especially if you need double the protection for your browsing and no hassle. When I first switched to Firefox, I loved it. And I still do.

Of course Firefox has its ups and downs, but the pros really do outnumber the cons! Long Before Internet Explorer had tabbed browsing (tabs, like windows inside windows, very handy for organizing your web use), Firefox had it. Firefox is an all around better web experience.

Along with tabbed browsing, there is an awesome pop-up blocking protection, easy feed subsciptions (if you’re part of the “blogging for money community” like me, this’ll be helpful), alerts about unsafe webpages, double the protection, and more. Plus, Firefox had all this before Internet Explorer did! We can clearly see who is in the lead.

Firefox has a unique look to it and it’s really, in many people’s opinions, the best browser out there. The best thing, it’s free, easy to install, and comes with the Google toolbar if you download it from this site, Super Blogging. Look to the sidebar and you will see the “Get Firefox with Google Toolbar” button. If you’re interested, just click download, and install.

With Firefox you can get extensions to make your internet experience better. For example, there’s even an extension for Google Adsense users where it displays your current Adsense earnings in the bottom of the screen for you. This is great for people like me, who like to be updated on every cent they earn!

Fantastic Firefox, that’s what it should be called. Whether you’re just a surfer, a normal internet user, a blogger, website owner, whatever… Firefox is probably for you. And of course, like I said, it’s free. If you ever find you don’t like Firefox (highly unlikely), you can switch back to Internet Explorer anytime with the click of your mouse.

If you need any help finding the button on this blog to download Firefox, downloading it, installing it, opening and starting it up, or figuring it out, just please drop me a comment and I will help you with whatever you need. Also, if you’re a Firefox user, drop a comment and tell me why you love it. Happy browsing! :)

Track, Evaluate, and Improve with Crazy Egg

April 25, 2007

Nope, this post isn’t an advertisement, it’s me showing my love for the program Crazy Egg. I found out about Crazy Egg on Aaron Cook Dot Com, and right from the moment I signed up for this, I loved it.

To get awesome results, you have to pay, but there’s also a free version to Crazy Egg that works just as nicely (that’s what I’m using). With Crazy Egg you enter in your site’s address, paste a tracking code into your site’s HTML, and you’re off!

The way to view your site’s statistics and results is awesome. Crazy Egg has a screenshot of the page you’re evaluating. Then it tells what was clicked and how many times. My favorite part is the heatmap. With a heat map, you can see where EXACTLY a person clicked their mouse. If they clicked a link, the heat map lights up in the exact spot they clicked. And the more something is clicked, the more heated up it looks. This can help you evaluate what on your site is being used – and what space is being wasted.

Crazy Egg is a site I’ve fallen in love with already. It helps me track so many things that I could never find out before, and I’m doing it for free! Crazy Egg definitely isn’t a scam, and it’s one of the most helpful, handy tools I’ve found so far. I really recommend you checking it out, if you have a blog or wesbite. You can enhance your site’s results.

“Crazy Egg makes it easy to:
Test different versions of a page to see which works better
Discover which ad placement gives the best results and most clicks
Find out which design encourages visitors to click deeper
Learn which content leads to improved sales
And so much more!”

Test and improve your site/blog with Crazy Egg. I just found it a few hours ago, and I already know that I’ll be logging in and checking up on results every day for a long, long time.

Blog Top Lists: A Free, Easy Way to be Seen

April 21, 2007

I hate to say it, but I think I’m in love with blog top lists. I just can’t get enough of them! When I find a new one that I think might pull me in at least one new visitor throughout the week, I just have to sign Super Blogging up for it. I’m sure you can see that by all my buttons on the sidebar. So anyway, what’s a blog top list, and what can it do for YOU?

What is a blog top list?

A blog top list is, first of all, a great way to get a little bit of new traffic, and also a way to show how ”up there” your blog is on the charts. Some blog top lists score you by the amount of visitors to your blog, and some score you by the amount of visitors and they give you a vote button to place on your blog, where the more people vote, the higher your score is.

Here is an example of a blog top list. As you see, the blogs listed are numbered in order. The “best” ones are the top. What you’re aiming for, when signing up for the top list, is to be one of those at the top. Of course, I’ve never been right up there at the top, but I’ve still pulled in traffic from people viewing the list and clicking my link.

Why should I enter my blog in a top list?

First of all, it’s a win-win situation! You might say, “Ick, I don’t want all of those buttons clogging the sidebar of my blog.” But you know what? I really don’t mind. If the top lists bring me traffic, and people vote for me, it’s all good. But that’s only one way I win. Since I’m also running a blogging and making money online blog, anyone is interested in this topic might also be interested in the top lists – and there the buttons are, if you’re interested (which you might be, since you’re reading this).

What top lists do you recommend?

I recommend all top lists you can get your hands on. The more that link to you, the better! Of course, I think it’s going a bit far if you have over a hundred buttons in the sidebar from your top lists that all squeal, “Vote for me!” That’s a little much. ;)

But I recommend all of the ones in my sidebar. BlogTopList is a fantastic one. It’s in my favorite two or three. But I really, really love BlogSkinny. It displays the top 20 sites on its homepage (yes, I have been in the top 20!), and it gives you a daily traffic report through email. It’s not a true blue top list – it doesn’t have a chart with ALL of the blogs listed. But it does list the top 20 right on the homepage, which is great, and it also advertises random ones on the site too.

TopBlogArea has a nice layout and is pleasing to the eye, which makes it nice. BlogCatalog is a good one, as well. Like I said, sign up for as many top lists as you can, or as many that are right for you. Also, if you can find a top list that’s specific to the category of your blog, those are great!

Summary / Leaving Note

Basically, enter your blog in top lists. They get you free traffic and link to your blog, and a nice little button to put up on your blog’s sidebar (I’d definitely feel empty without all my buttons). :P So sign up for all the top lists you can, general ones, ones with dozens of categories, and even ones that are specifically related to your blog’s subject. I hope you have as much luck with top lists as I have!

Earnings & Statistics Update

April 19, 2007

My original intention for this blog, Super Blogging, was to tell you how to run a blog, bring traffic to it, make money, and then tell you HOW I’M DOING. So far, I haven’t told you about my progress. But that’s what I’m going to do right now. :)

I’m still a newbie blogger – I haven’t been submitting my site, updating, or requesting links as much as I could. I lot of bloggers, when they were new, did a lot better than me. Hey though, slow but steady, right?! :P I’m getting better everyday, my earnings increase and my statistics all the time. If you learn from my mistakes of being too lazy, you’ll do a lot better than I do! Anyway, on to the results?

First, let’s check out my statistics.

My Technorati ranking is a whopping 522,595 at the time of writing this. When I say whopping, that’s a bad thing. It’s best to have a LOWER Technorati score. But it’s just low because, like I said, I’ve been lazy. You could do much better than me. The trick is, work hard on those link exchanges and getting others to link you, because that’s how Technorati scores!

Alexa. Phew, I don’t know what’s with this. Alexa has my other, less popular blogs on file, but not Super Blogging. They have my blog’s screenshot uploaded (they didn’t yesterday), so that’s a plus. But they still rank me for Blogger – not for my own blog. Blogger/Blogspot is the site I use to make and manage my blog. Alexa doesn’t do this for my other blogs, and if anyone could tell me why, I’d appreciate it. Once again – my fault, I guess. ;)

Now, on to my EARNINGS!!!

I’d like to start with SlashMySearch (read here for details). I haven’t made bundles on this site – actually, not even a dollar yet. But the amount goes up each day, and I don’t even do anything. How? Because I’ve got some referrals! :) SMS pays for activity. They pay for using their search engine, forums, and email service. Lately I haven’t been using it. If I have been, I’d probably have quadruple the amount I have now (which is pretty much a few cents short of being a dollar). I get paid for my referrals’ searches and activity too, and my earnings increase while it sits there. That can only do me good!

Next, MyLot (click here for more info). I ADORE MyLot! It’s a huge community of blogs, discussions, profiles, photos and more. But the main part is the dicussions. They also pay for activity – responding to discussions and the like. Now, I have always loved online communities, forums, message boards, etc. To get paid for one is FANTASTIC. So far, I’ve made over $8.51 just by having fun and posting about what I’m interested in on their site. I strongly encourage this one, if you’ve got the time and the like for this kind of thing. ;)

Dear Google Adsense. Now, I have read in Google’s terms and rules that you are NOT allowed to tell other people your exact earnings. If this has changed, I am unaware, but I’m not taking risks of losing my account and earnings for saying what I’ve made so far. I’ve seen other bloggers do this, I’m not sure if you’re allowed to now or not, but like I said, I’m not taking the chances. However, from when I first started blogging, Google Adsense gets better each day for me. My earnings are always increasing as I work on my blog, and all I’ve got to do is show ads for them. A complete, all around, great way to earn money online. If you’d like to check IT out, see my Google Adsense button in the sidebar.

Now I’m still waiting for be approved for PayPerPost – my blog isn’t old enough yet. I’ve also written an article for Blogsvertise worth $5, and the payment has not been sent to my Paypal yet – but it should be, after a month of writing. That might sound like a long time, but it’s really not. And in a month I’ll have a nice little sum of cash waiting for me as a surprise. :)

I hope I’ve not forgotten anything. This has been a terribly long post, but then again, it’s my first update on my earnings and statistics. Plus, I tend to write a lot. I’m not concise. :P Anyway, I promise you the next update will be more brief. If I’ve forgotten anything or if you have questions or anything to say, feel free to leave me a comment, I love getting them! :D

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