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Google Ads with Rounded Corners

June 28, 2007

I was over at ProBlogger and came across a post that informed me of a new option Google has given its publishers: your Adsense ads can now have square edges, slightly rounded, or very rounded. Click here to see previews of the three different ad border styles.

I think it’s great that Google is giving Adsense publishers more choices in the look and feel of the ads they run. A selection of different border types is not huge a difference, but it never hurts. However, when I use Adsense, I blend the ads into my site and you cannot see the borders at all, so these differently shaped edges would not matter for me. But I can see how this will be very nice for some people whose ads are not completely blended. More options never hurt anybody, and it’s not something to complain about, even if I won’t be using it!

What do YOU think about the new slightly rounded and very rounded edge options? Will you be using them, or do you not have borders visible on your Adsense ads you run?

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