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So You Want to Guest Blog?

July 30, 2007

UPDATE: If you want to guest blog, there’s a new, easier way. Click here!

I think it’s about time I find a few people who are willing to guest blog for Super Blogging. I have been leaving gaps in my blog because I haven’t been able to post everyday, and I need someone to fill them. I think guest blogging would be the perfect opportunity for you and for me. It’s something I’ve never offered before and something I’ve never even done myself.

If you’re wondering what you’d get out of it, then there are good benefits. Your writing and name will be up on another blog for more exposure to you, and I will give you a link back for writing for me. And if I like your writing style enough and I think you’d be a great addition to this blog every once and a while, I could make you a regular author if you wanted.

I don’t ask much – only what should be expected. Your post’s topic should be matched to what this blog is about – blogging tips, search engine optimization, traffic generation, making money online, or something similar. That you write in English is, of course, a must. I also ask that you proofread and have proper grammar, and that your post is not published anywhere else. It must be unique and written solely for here.

If you do decide to guest blog for me, then that is fantastic! You can send your post to me at the following email:

tay at superbloggingtips dot com

Of course you will get 110% credit for it and you will receive a link back. You can guest blog once, if you like you could send me a second post. If I’m impressed with your work, and if your style is similar to mine, then I might offer you a spot to be a regular author on this blog where you could post weekly, bi-weekly, or somewhere along the lines of that if you wanted to.

Guest blogging is a great opportunity for you and for me too, so if you write up a post and want it published here with a free link, then please do give it a shot! I need guest bloggers and maybe somewhere along the line, authors. This is something I’ve never offered before so right now it’s sort of like a trial. Don’t be shy. :D

Don’t Waste Your Life Blogging

July 28, 2007

I have realized something, and what I have realized is that I spend too much time online. I am constantly checking on my stats, looking at my blog, and dreaming up ways to make more money online. I get so wrapped up in blogging and what I’m doing that I hardly do other things offline. I don’t spend enough time with my family. I don’t work on other, more important things that I should be doing, or even other things that I enjoy doing.

And the thing is, even when I am online, I’m usually just wasting my time by browsing or staring in my stats when they haven’t changed since five minutes ago. If I do decide to spend all my life on the internet, I should at least spend it writing good quality content.

But I’ve decided not to waste my life. I don’t know about you, but I think spending time with my family and focusing on other things can be much more important. If I’m going to give you one piece of advice, I’ll tell you not let it control you – it’s easy to get wrapped up in your blogging and be so occupied by it that you don’t want to do anything else.

Of course, I’m most certainly not saying I won’t be blogging anymore. Of course I will, I love blogging! I am saying, however, that I won’t spend over half my day on the internet, and when I am online, I won’t waste my time. Instead of staring at my blog or my stats, I will use my time wisely and be writing content. I plan, in the next few weeks, for this blog to get even better because I’ll be focusing on what matters.

And what matters is that I balance what I do. I won’t be on the internet as much, hopefully, but while I am online I will write and produce more content. This is what I need to do, and I suggest that if you’re online all the time but you’re not writing enough content or doing what needs to be done, then you need to straighten up your priorities as well. It’s not easy (especially if you’re working on overcoming laziness like I am), but it’s definitely important.

Don’t waste your life blogging, and don’t waste your time.

Get Ready for the Upcoming PageRank Update

July 26, 2007

If you haven’t already started thinking about the upcoming PageRank update, you’d better start. The higher your PageRank, the more authority your site has and the more money you can make. Today I will go over PageRank, what it is, how to improve yours, and how to make money from it.

What is PageRank?

PageRank is basically calculated using links, and there are three major parts to how it is measured. Those include the number of pages linking to the site and the PageRank of those pages. The number of outgoing links in your site also plays a role in your PageRank. The more sites you link to, the more of your PageRank “juice” you are giving away.

The more sites that link to you, the better your PageRank will be. If those sites that link to you have high PageRanks, then your rankings will be even better. Take a look at the diagram below to help you understand.


Improving your PageRank

Improving your PageRank is not hard at all, especially if you’re dedicated to it.

First of all, and most easiest, remove any unnecessary outgoing links. Remove any irrelevant sites you are linking to from your homepage, pages, posts, or basically anywhere else you can think of. There is no need to strip your site of links, but remove whatever links don’t need to be there or don’t have a good purpose.

Second, to increase the PageRank of your homepage, you need more sites and blogs to link to it. Don’t turn to link trains as the answer; I made a mistake when I joined in on a couple of those. Make sure your site is pleasing to the eye and has good content. If people like your site, they will link to it and pass their PageRank on to you! Remember though, it’s not as easy as it sounds. You’ve got to work on it.

Also I would advise you to spend numerous hours writing a pillar post. A pillar post is long, helpful or instructional, and even better, a list. I consider a post I’ve written, 75 Ways to Increase Your Site’s Traffic, to be a pillar post. This is also not something you can do right away, it might even take you a few days. But writing a pillar post gets a lot of links to that post, and also more notice to your site. It’s definitely worth doing.

Another way to help your pages’ ranks are to link to them throughout your posts. If you’re going over a topic you’ve written about before, link to that old post. And be sure to link to your best posts as often as you can (not being spammy, of course).

Making Money with PageRank

Probably the reason that gets me most excited about the upcoming PageRank update are the money earning possibilities involved. The higher the PageRank you have, the more money you can make.

Some PayPerPost opportunities require you to have a certain PageRank, and those often pay more. If you have PageRank, you can make some extra money from writing those sponsored posts.

Also, you can charge money for links on your sidebar or homepage. The higher your PageRank is, the more you can charge. Of course, PageRank is far from being the only factor that determines the price of the links you sell, but having a higher PageRank alone will let you increase that fee.

The next PageRank update will be here soon, since they come every two to three months. I assume the longest you have is until mid-August, and even that could be pushing it. So if you haven’t given a thought to your PageRank, you need to. Continue producing quality content but also work harder on getting more links to your site and reducing the count of unrelated sites you link to. Good luck, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Dealing with Writer’s Block

July 23, 2007

I’ve recently been dealing with writer’s block along with being busy with a lot of other things, and I confess, it’s gotten to me. Writer’s block (and maybe a fraction of laziness) has caused me to miss some days posting. I’ve had absolutely no ideas, and even the list of a few ideas I had written down seemed like they wouldn’t make good posts to me. Hopefully I’m getting over my short burst of writer’s block, but if this ever happens to you, here are a few tips to avoid the block.

  • Keep a list of your post ideas. Your list can be kept in a Word document on the computer, or the old-fashioned way on paper. I keep my list of post ideas in a binder. I have bad habit of coming up with a good idea for a post and then forgetting it later on, so the list I’m keeping is usually such a huge help to me. Whenever you get an idea for a post, write its description or a potential post title if you think of one. And then later, when you need to post but can’t think of anything, whip out your document or paper.
  • Check your last post for topics. Check out your last post for things to write about, or go off in another direction but still extend on the idea that post gave. Courtney Tuttle wrote a great post about this called A Simple Trick To Get Over Writer’s Block. I advise you to check it out, especially if writer’s block is something you deal with more than often.
  • Browse other blogs. Visit some other blogs. I am most definitely not telling you to copy their content or even their post’s exact idea, I despise that. Actually, I’m just telling you to look for inspiration, or extend/give your own opinions on something they’ve talked about. Yes, there is a huge difference.
  • Write a round-up post. This includes browsing other blogs, but it doesn’t involve you writing any content at all. All you’ve got to do is find some good, helpful information on your topic that others have written about, and link to five to ten of those articles in a round-up post, and maybe write a short summary. This doesn’t exactly involve you writing, but this idea makes it so your blog doesn’t go a day without content. Just don’t do round-ups more than once a week.

There are plenty of ways you can work your way around writer’s block. If you want, even think up your own ideas and write a post on it. If all else fails, at least try to do something productive with your blog like tweaking its design, managing its plugins, or whatever else you need to get done.

Going Back In Time…

July 22, 2007

You’re Running Out Of Time ClockWelcome to my first post that takes you back in time. Here I will link to other fantastic articles from my blog that I’ve written in the past, that I think you should read. Sometimes you will write a post, but it never gets the credit or attention it deserves. Not only can you link to these articles in the sidebar, but you can write up a post featuring them like I am now. So I’m going to take you back in Super Blogging’s younger days…

Need Free Images for Your Blog Posts? – In this post I talk about where you can find good quality images at no cost to use on your blog.

When it Comes to Blogging, Don’t Discard a Single Idea – When you have an idea for a post, don’t throw it away when you can come up with one thing to go against it. Save every single idea.

Don’t Cram Your Blog with Ads – Nothing drives me away from a blog more than one that’s full of unmatched colors and dozens of advertisements. Be professional, be organized, and you’ll eventually see the money.

Success with StumbleUpon – I had a great success using StumbleUpon and it required no work whatsoever, except for writing the post that became popular (and being a blogger, you write your posts anyway, right?). So with this post, I talk about how StumbleUpon helped me, and that it could definitely help you too.

Get Traffic and Make Money Using Squidoo – Wouldn’t you like to sign up for a site, for free, where you can make your own webpages, bring yourself traffic through them, and even make money on them or donate your money earned to charity? If you’re not in on Squidoo, then this post is for you!

There you have it. Five posts that could be a help for you to read, if you’ve got the time. If you have some posts on your blog from the past that you’d like your readers to see, then just write up a post like I did. I might do this occasionally. :)

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