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Become A Super Blogging Contributor INSTANTLY!

August 12, 2007

All right, I’m going to get to the point… Earlier I spoke about the opportunity of guest blogging for Super Blogging readers. Now I’d like to do it the easier way, and let you sign up to be a contributor of this blog yourself. Are you up to the challenge? Heh, sorry, it’s just a little more exciting to word it that way. So here’s the details:

If you have the guts, you can register on this blog. Then you can go write an article, assign its proper category (or categories), etc. After you’re completely finished with your article, you can save it. I will be going through these saved posts and when there is one that has been well proofread and isn’t a topic I already discuss too regularly, it will be posted.

The article has to be about, of course, one of Super Blogging’s topics (blogging tips, making money online, search engine optimization, exposure, internet marketing, traffic generation, and lots more). Don’t bother writing for us if you don’t know what this blog is about.

So do you think you’ll join in on the guest blogging? It’s easy to sign up, write, and save your post for me to approve of and most likely publish within a few days. You can submit more than one post if you want, and it’ll be effortless. This is better than submitting the articles through email, because you need no confirmation, you don’t need to worry if I got it. It’ll be there, right in front of my eyes!

So why should you bother with writing a guest post on Super Blogging?

You will get exposure, linkage, and maybe even some traffic headed your way. Within your post you can link to your own blog and articles, as long as what you’re linking to is relevant. Guest blogging will be a good thing for both you and me – you’ll get the exposure, I’ll have less pressure with my posting schedule. So give it a go; trying never hurt anybody! Register on Super Blogging today.

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