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Don’t Be Your Own Worst Blogging Critic

September 20, 2007

I think it’s important to recognize your blogging mistakes and not be too slack with yourself. If you mess up you should try to correct your wrongs or at least realize what you did. I know that you should set goals for yourself and follow through with them. I know you shouldn’t be too lenient, but what about being too tough? Is it possible to be your own worst blogging critic?

Don’t Beat Yourself Up Over Blogging

Let’s face it. All of us have the good days, and all of us have the bad days. But it’s the bad days most of us are more concerned with. What exactly could a bad day entail? It might involve writer’s block, making a lot of mistakes, or not producing as good quality of posts. It could even be a decent decrease in traffic or RSS readership. You might think it’s just you, but don’t worry, all bloggers go through it.

There are times when I’m having one of those bad days, and I feel like everything is all my fault. Instantly I jump on myself, saying if I did one thing or another differently things would be going better. But you know what? Not only does being your own worst critic not help at all, but it makes things worse.

Succeeding Starts With Believing

If you want others to believe in you, how are they going to if you don’t even believe in yourself a lot of the time? Succeeding starts with believing! You have to remember that sometimes things just happen, and none of us can be perfect, not even 1% of the time. If you make mistakes it IS good to recognize and do your personal best to fix them, but it’s not necessary to beat yourself up or be your own worst critic.

There are going to be other people out there, not only in blogging but in life as well, that are you going to do their best to bring you down for whatever reason. So be there for yourself and build yourself up! If you want to succeed, you’ve got to believe, work hard, and not tear yourself down. You’re never going to the best at everything. There’s always going to be someone who is a better writer than you or is better at building linkbait and generating traffic. And that’s not your fault, so don’t stress over it. Instead, focus on being a better blogger and a better person.

If you’re wondering why I’m writing this, it’s because I go through it too. I don’t beat myself up, but sometimes I feel down in the dumps or maybe a little ashamed because this blog hasn’t gone as far as it should in the amount of time it’s been up and running. I do know that I can always do better, but I’m not doing that bad to be honest with you. So do your best, focus on the ups and not the downs, and work on doing better and improving. Set goals for yourself and strive to reach them. But if things don’t always go as planned, remember: that’s how life works. Be your own #1 fan. :)

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6 Responses to “Don’t Be Your Own Worst Blogging Critic”

  1. Lillie Ammann on September 20th, 2007 12:46 am

    This is good advice, not just for blogging, but for life in general. Many (maybe most) of us are our own worst critics.

  2. Tay on September 20th, 2007 12:51 am

    @Lillie – Thank you. Yes, when I was writing this it felt like I was switching back and forth between discussing blogging and life. At times I wasn’t sure which one I was talking but I think it all tied in.

    That’s so true, what you said. Many or maybe most of us are our own worst critics. But it should be the opposite of that! Not that we as people should be arrogant or overly self confident, but we should have faith in ourselves and understand what we can do and our own personal bests.

    Thanks for commenting. :)

  3. Malignition.com on September 20th, 2007 11:55 pm

    Very good post. What you’ve said is so true…..the majority of bloggers are just way too critical on themselves.

  4. Deron Sizemore on September 21st, 2007 10:52 am

    I’m definitely my own worst critic. I’ll talk myself out of designs, blog posts, etc. all the time. I’m getting better at writing what’s on my mind on my blog though and not worrying about what anyone else thinks. Designing is another matter. I still critique my designs to no end and a lot of them I end up trashing and starting over. It’s really counter productive.

  5. WarriorBlog on September 22nd, 2007 1:03 am

    Writing great blog content is a LOT of work :-) but it is worth it in the long run :-)

  6. Tay on September 22nd, 2007 1:55 am

    @Deron – I definitely know what you mean. I would used to come up with ideas for posts all the time, and either I’d reject them from the start, thinking it was a stupid idea, or I would get halfway through writing the post, hate it, and delete it. I’m trying to overcome that though. If I write content I don’t like, instead of giving up I try writing over and rewording, trying to make things better. I hate to just waste time like I always used to do!

    @WarriorBlog – You’re certainly correct! The more good quality content, the better. :D

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