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Halloween Is Almost Here!

October 30, 2007

Guess what? Halloween is tomorrow! And what better to celebrate by letting you know about an awesome Halloween company with some pretty cool costumes and accessories?

Halloween Express has the best halloween costumes around. They have been in business since the 1990’s and own more than 200 seasonal stores across the United States and the UK (one of them is here where I live, and it’s a pretty awesome place). However, their website does operate year-round so their great selections can be accessed anytime!

I’ve been in the store and they have some cool costumes like Darth Vader, Harry Potter, and fairies. However, there are the much more unique things as well such as plumbers, a box of cereal, and that dude from the movie Napoleon Dynamite. Halloween Express claims to beat out all their competitors and in my opinion, they definitely do.

The only downfall of Halloween Express is their prices. In the store things cost twice as much as they would anywhere else – but the website is a bit cheaper overall. But if you’re looking for a more unique costume or you can’t find what you want, try Halloween Express – they’ll probably have it!

If you want to be a ninja for Halloween, I found a pretty cool ninja costume on their website you should look at!

All in all, Halloween Express is pretty cool. I love going to their store and browsing the website. I hope everyone has a very happy Halloween tomorrow! :)

Responses To: Would You Ever Sell Your Blog?

October 29, 2007

Pile of Coins

Photography: Contando Dinheiro by Jeff Belmonte

A few days ago I asked one question: Would you ever sell your blog? For some people, the answer was simple. For others, it was a bit more complicated. However, I am going to share the most interesting responses here with you right now. If you’ve ever considered selling your blog, or you might like to think of it as an option, you might like reading other bloggers’ opinions on the matter. Either way, the four best replies below are pretty interesting.

Courtney Tuttle said:

“I think that most people would sell their blogs. I would sell any of my other blogs if the price was right. Some people would say that they’re too passionate about their blog to sell. What if someone offered you $100 million for it though?

I think most people have a price, and that’s ok. Aren’t we trying to make money anyway? …” [view full comment]

Linda said:

“A blog, for me, is personal but as you say there are those who create blogs only to sell them but it´s a lot of work to get a high ranking blog so you would probably put in a lot of hours. I have however heard that My Space blogs sells really well but I´ve never been interested in My Space.

I have a high ranking blog with many daily visitors and I love that blog. It´s my baby! It was the first blog I ever created, how could I ever get rid of it? No one is able to write the way I do nor keep it up like I do, I´m sure. There are no money in the world that could buy my blog. So no, don´t touch my blog! I´d be devastated if anything happened to it! …” [view full comment]

Steven Snell said:

“I certainly have no intentions to sell, but I wouldn’t be against it down the road if the situation was right. It would be difficult though since my blog is just a part of my business’s website. I would rather develop other blogs on the side with the intention of selling. …” [view full comment]

Ruchir said:

“Well, there’s never a definitive answer for a question like that. Currently, I don’t think I’ll be selling my blog in the future. It’s really about how much money people are willing to give for your blog. That’s the only questions. Many bloggers (myself included) say we won’t say our blogs. But what if someone offers a boatload of money like $20,000? I’m sure most of us will give in…

If my blog is able to achieve the heights I want it to achieve, then yes I might sell it but then again, those heights are pretty high and will take a minimum of a year to complete. …” [view full comment]

Reading about what others had to say on this topic was definitely a nice experience. As for me, right now I probably wouldn’t sell this blog. For me to be able to sell, I will personally need to be done with the project. There are still so many things I’d like to do and try with this blog that I’d never be able to complete if I sold it. I love this blog with a passion and I love working on it. To sell it I would need to be at a point where I was satisfied and had no further intentions to carry out.

To sell I also think I would need to work further on branding this blog and making it more business-like. I’d also need to try and monetize it even more and continue to increase its rankings. Like many of the answers you read above said, if the time and the price are right I would sell. If you’re going to offer me tons of money for Super Blogging, there are high chances that I’d accept your offer! However, I do think I still have plenty of work to do. :)

If you never got to share your opinions on blog selling, don’t hesitate. I’d still love to hear them!

Data-Drop.com – Technology Reviews, How-To’s, and More!

October 28, 2007

Reviews and How Tos

Recently I have learned about about a cool site called Data-Drop.com. The about page reveals that the author, Michael, is a full time network administrator who uses technology everyday. He writes tech reviews and how-to documents, and you know you can trust what he has to say. The author of Data-Drop.com is also very open-minded and loves to hear your ideas. He likes learning more than one way to do something and welcomes your own opinions with open arms – as long as you return that favor. This is the perfect way to run a blog! Make it your own, but also make your readers feel very included.

The Design

Upon visiting Data-Drop.com the first thing I noticed was the clean, three-column design. The theme is mostly red and black with the page’s background being white. An organized-looking layout is always a must. Visiting a site and having it please the eye is what I like.

One thing I think could be improved about the blog’s general look, however, is the amount of items in the sidebars. While the sidebars look great and are very organized, there are a few extras that could be done without. I think Data-Drop.com would look better if the archives, calendar, BlogRush widget, and the buttons at the bottom of the right sidebar were removed. There are also an amount of banners, Adsense, etc. which could later on be replaced with direct advertising (directly selling text link ads, banners, etc.) once the blog gains more popularity.

The Content

More importantly though, Data-Drop.com is a place where you can find some great content. It isn’t one of those blogs where the author reads information on other sites and just rewrites it – this guy really knows what he is talking about. He has experience on what he writes about and is very hands-on. What he writes can be very helpful to you. These are some of the articles that have stood out to me:

1. What to do with a dreaded disk failure

2. Free Antivirus for everyone

3. Adding Video to your WordPress Blog

4. Tips to enhance your blog

5. PC Maintenane the good, the bad, the ugly

Suggested Improvements

While Data-Drop.com offers some great technology how-to’s and reviews, I’ve also found some errors within and throughout these articles. When there are spelling and grammar errors, the impact of the post is greatly reduced. Looking through the site I have found several post titles with mispelled words, which automatically causes a bad first impression. Another thing about the titles I have noticed is that they are often not capitalized proplerly. The first, last, and all words of importance in a title should be capitalized. In order to have a great post, you need to take the time to reread it at least TWICE before publishing so you can catch the little mistakes – when I was a new blogger, I never proofread and that was my biggest daily mistake.

Some of the posts are also one huge chunk of text, and that is a strain to read. In fact, most people might skip over that. It is always very important to divide up an article into readable paragraphs.

Another thing I noticed is Data-Drop.com’s permalink system. In the individual post URL, each one ends in something like p=13, which is the default system for WordPress. All this tells us is the number of the post. A better permalink system would have included the post’s title and, if the author wanted, the date (see the URL for this post as an example). A post URL that includes the article’s title is better for SEO reasons especially and also for the readers. If the author wanted to change the permalinks, he would need to use a redirect plugin in order to not lose any search engine results or backlinks he might already have for those articles.

Summing It Up

All in all, Data-Drop.com is a great site with helpful, unique content. The blog’s theme is a nice one and the author also does a good job at promoting his StumbleUpon and feed subscriptions at the top of the sidebar, which is a great place for that to be. You’ll find many great technology reads at Data-Drop.com that you won’t find anywhere else!

I’ve subscribed to this awesome blog, why don’t you? Click here to subscribe to Data-Drop.com.

The Best of the Blogosphere: October 26, 2007

October 26, 2007

Best of the Blogosphere LinksThis BOTB roundup is an exciting one, with John Cow getting banned from BlogRush unfairly and for no reason at all (shame on you, Mr. Reese), with information on how you can make $1,000 in 24 hours online, and other great articles! I think that if you don’t read all of these posts, you’re definitely missing out. So here’s to another great Friday (they do come and go so quickly, so enjoy it)!

First, check out the review of Super Blogging my good friend Frank wrote up. He’s doing free reviews for anyone who wants one, and for a limited time only, so hurry and go check out his site and grab your own free review today! Thanks a ton Frank, I really do appreciate it!

Now let’s check out some fantastic articles, shall we? :D

Banned From BlogRush:

“We would love to get Mr Reese’s explanation on why this blog got banned, one of the first to start successfully promoting blogrush and delivering them nearly 1000 direct referrals last time we could check. Perhaps they went bust and couldn’t afford our credits anymore? …”

The Pros and Cons of Writing for Other Blogs:

“While I think it is one of the best free promotional methods available, there are certainly some negatives to writing for other blogs. I’d like to list some of my thoughts on the subject and get your feedback as well. …”

Alternate Theory For Google PageRank Drops:

“It’s no secret that Google has been trying to crack down on paid links for quite some time. They also have stated to not use link schemes designed to increase search engine rankings – no secret here. …”

How To Create A Regular Website With WordPress:

“WordPress is system conceived to create blogs. Nevertheless, it does not mean that it should only be used for creating blogs. WordPress has all the features to maintain and create a regular website. …”

How Much Should You Pay for a Freelance Blogger?:

“I received a mixed response when I posted on this blog and couple of online forums that we are looking to hire some freelance bloggers. The main point of contention was the rate we should pay for blogging. …”

How To Make $1000 In 24 Hours:

“One of my favorite ‘idea-generating’ techniques to help me make money online is to imagine the situation where the blogging mafia is going to help me ’sleep with the fishes’ unless I manage to come up with $1000 by tomorrow. …”

Making Your Blog Unique:

“Making your blog unique is a crucial step in gaining more exposure. Getting more traffic, more readers and ultimately making more money with it. …”

Top 100 Make Money Online Feeds:

“As a follow up to the 45n5 Top 100 list here is a list of all the top 100 Make Money online Blogs and the feed link to them all. …”

How To Remove Ads On Posts In Certain Categories:

“Have you ever wanted to remove ads on posts belonging to certain categories only? Or wanted to remove ads on all your sponsored review posts? …”

New eMonetized Blog Design Launched!:

“I don’t expect everyone to love the new design but I hope the majority of you will. I’d love to hear your comments on what you like or may not like about the design? …”

Also if you’re looking to gain exposure or create a buzz, consider ordering a review from Super Blogging. The review will contain screenshots and/or photos, multiple links to you using your choices of anchor text, and more. If you want anything special in the review, just let me know. It is guaranteed to be at the top of the blog (no other posts bumping it down) for at least 24 hours. Also, I will do my best to get exposure to the review by submitting to social media sites and blog carnivals, etc. The reviews only cost $20 each, and this is one of the cheapest prices around. Hurry and get yours today before they go up! Click here to order your review, or click here to see an example of our most recent review.

Thanks a ton for making the blogosphere a better place with all your great articles. Have a great weekend and remember to tune in next weekend for another BOTB! :)

Would You Ever Sell Your Blog?

October 25, 2007

Question MarkBlogging started out as being something very personal where people wrote about their lives on a daily basis. That’s still sometimes the case today, but blogging has also evolved into a profession, a business. More and more entrepreneurs are starting blogs in hopes of making good money with them for a while, and then selling the blog for an even greater profit when the time is right. So I have a good question for you: Would you ever sell your blog?

Some people plan to sell their blogs from the start; some people choose that path later on, for various reasons. So would YOU ever sell your blog? When you first made it did you intend for it to be sold right from the time it went online, or was that not the case but you’ve now changed your mind? If you would, please tell me why would you or why would you not put your blog up for sale.

The best, most interesting answers will be featured on this blog within a couple of days. I will take the responses I like the most and paste them into a new post, linking back to your own blog and crediting you for what you’ve said. That’s a free link for you and free exposure, so give an interesting and detailed answer please! I would really like to know your opinions on the selling of blogs.

Personally, at this point I don’t think I will be selling my own blog. I love it with a passion, I love working on it, and I love seeing what I can get out of it. Besides, this blog has not been completely business-like from the beginning. While that’s not required, it definitely helps. Potential buyers like a blog they can easily transform into whatever they like, and that’s more difficult if the blog has a personal aspect to it. At this point in time my answer is NO, I will not be selling this blog. No guarantees that that will be my answer forever, but that’s where I stand right now.

What do you think? Would you ever sell your blog? How much money would you ask for it? What are your thoughts on the topic? I look forward to hearing them and possibly linking to you and your response in a future post!

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