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WidgetBucks Pays… But They’re Still A Scam!

December 5, 2007

widgetbucks sucks

I recently wrote about how WidgetBucks is a scam. Now, it turns out that they HAVE paid people, and written about payments on their blog. So you must think that I’m feeling pretty stupid now for accusing them of being a scam – but I’m not. Just because a program has sent out payments does not mean that they’re 100% legit.

They pay people to convince you they’re trustworthy. There has been word going around lately that WidgetBucks is a scam. But most people think that once everyone has received their payments, a program is valid. That’s not always the case. WidgetBucks has paid their members to convince everyone that they ARE a trustworthy company and instill that in your heads, while they’re still saving loads of money by removing earnings from people’s accounts and/or banning them for no reason at all.

Yes, they do remove their members’ earnings. It’s not only happened to me, but several other people. You log on one day and find your account is perfectly fine, except then you go to see how much money you’ve made and find the amount total a lot less than it was the day before – or completely gone – with no reason given whatsoever! WidgetBucks claims this is because the members are breaking the rules, but I seriously doubt this is the case. I know I broke no rules, yet the few dollars I’d earned were completely removed from my earnings. And if I had broken rules, why was I not sent an email or shown a message on the site telling me so? OR, you can be banned for no reason and for doing nothing, which also saves WidgetBucks a lot of money from having to pay you. I think WidgetBucks is using that excuse as a reason to not have to pay people the money they’ve rightfully earned.

They can afford to pay some members because they steal from others. WidgetBucks is still saving money even when/if they pay you, because they’re inconspicuously removing money from other people’s accounts when they think it won’t be noticed – and when it is noticed, they claim that you were breaking a rule or performing click fraud even when that’s not true – but only if you notice. They don’t say anything otherwise.

And how can WidgetBucks be a completely legitimate company when they’re so unprofessional? Let’s look over a few things that a professional company would not do:

  1. Their company blog would not be a free one hosted on Blogspot.
  2. They would not have the word suck in their motto, “Ads suck. Ours don’t.”
  3. They would not have made the decision to not pay for international clicks.
  4. And the already-stated, they would not dishonestly remove earnings from their members’ accounts or ban their members for no reason (or for a false reason at that).

That’s not all, but I think you’re getting the message. WidgetBucks is trying to get you to trust them, so they can get away with more scamming. They have the $25 signup bonus there to draw you in and convince you they’re legitimate, they pay a lot more money per click than any other company out there, and they’ve paid some of their publishers – they want you to trust them. But if you do, they can only continue to cheat the money away from the other half of their publishers. Like I said before, just because they’re paying you doesn’t mean they’re not stealing from you too. When it’s likely to go unnoticed, earnings might go missing with no reason provided.

Disclaimer: Everything that is stated above is based on my opinions, theories, observations, and realizations. I am in no way 100% correct, but that doesn’t mean I am incorrect either – and either way, I still firmly believe in all I have said (and if you’d like to know more on my opinions, just ask). While I could be wrong, I don’t want anyone to be cheated out of their hard-earned money and I want everyone to be completely honest with what’s going on – primarily the WidgetBucks company – but that’s not likely to happen. We may never know the reasons behind some of the things WidgetBucks does, and we may never know for sure why they’re removing money from people’s accounts – I DO know that that is happening for a fact. If you’ve gotten paid by them, then good for you. However, I advise you to check up on your earnings several times a day if you have the time, and pay close attention if any of them disappear. Please leave me a comment letting me know your opinions, for I’ve already stated mine.

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17 Responses to “WidgetBucks Pays… But They’re Still A Scam!”

  1. tommy on December 5th, 2007 1:52 am

    I saw the thread on DP regarding their payment.
    I’m glad they really pay, though I’m not a member of WB.
    Not sure whether I will join them or not.
    Probably not :D

  2. Tay on December 5th, 2007 3:21 am


    Yes, they pay – but the fact is, they take money from people’s accounts for no reasons. When they suspend/ban people for no reason or remove people’s earnings without a reason, it saves them money and they are therefore a scam. So even if they do pay, they don’t pay what they should and they are not honest in the least bit. They’ve probably saved thousands by banning people, and claimed those people broke the rules (which usually isn’t true). If you do decide to join them, which I would advise against, keep a close eye on your earnings at all times and see if you anything funny, let me know and contact WB too!

  3. jblu on December 5th, 2007 5:02 am

    I’ve been using WB for about a month. I noticed my pending earnings have decreased by about a dollar since a week ago. They seem pretty shady, but I’ll give them a couple more weeks. Hopefully I’ll reach the payout amount by then, and we’ll see if I get paid. If not, I’ll wish them a farewell as it’s a pain that it slow down my site’s loading time.

  4. Dean Jutilla on December 5th, 2007 10:11 am

    Hi all, Dean from WidgetBucks here. Thought I’d swing by to provide some commentary, not to change any opinions though – minds seem to be pretty well made-up already, so I don’t want facts to get in your way. First, the changing of earnings figures in a given day is not because people are breaking the rules and getting suspended. The change people are seeing is when figures go from “pending” to “audited.” Pending (listed in red) is an estimate based on the RPC of that particular category. Audited (in black) is the actual, final figure after our feed providers scrub the data, removing credit for international clicks, which they are unwilling to pay for. This is an important point here. These merchants — mostly located in the US (more on this in a minute) — don’t value the int’l clicks (i.e. outside US and Canada) and won’t pay for them. WB, in turn, is unable to pay publishers for them, and as a result, a drop is seen from pending to audited. But we’re launching some solutions — because WB DOES value this traffic, it DOES want to continue running a sustainable business, and we are NOT a scam (if we were, would we be working to find solutions to external conditions?). Within the next week or so 1) we are offering CPM ads for that Int’l traffic, 2) we are removing the “pending” figures because, while it satisfied many publishers who wanted figures fast, fast, fast, it was also confusing to others (yours is a case in point), 3) we’ve made some adjustments to increase what were eroding RPCs and 4) we are presently working on locating global merchants (i.e. outside the U.S.) so we can offer PPC ads for int’l clicks. And, 5) by the way, yes, we are paying people 10 days ahead of schedule. Finally, we do not suspend people for no reason — in each and every case, there was a violation of a term of service and we let each person know via email. We are now gating our entry process so new publishers need to be approved before joining our network — this should help our network quality substantially. Look, we are working to optimize our two-month-old network and right now, it’s not perfect but we’re certainly listening and actively trying to improve it. Does imperfection make WB a scam? I think to draw that conclusion is overreaching, inaccurate — and in my opinion, a sensationalized headline to draw unwitting traffic to your site. Stay tuned for other things to come from us. Dean Jutilla, Marketing Director, Mpire (the company behind WidgetBucks

  5. Contentina on December 5th, 2007 12:21 pm

    My girlfriend decided that she woud try it out. I suppose she installed the widget and she observed that it is a piece of cr*p. Then I suppose she read all sorts of things about it. Posts like this one. Bottom line, at the end of the day she decided to remove it.

    I mean, in essence it is not a bad idea really. Well placed widget with solid advertizing quality could be way effective. I guess they didn’t recognize the potential of their own product. Too bad.

    Thans for the review and the good post.

    AH,, one more though on WidgetBucks. My guess is that they are a young company trying to find their way arround what they produced. They don’t want to be blamed for click fraud and they don’t know how to go about it. It is actualy pretty hard to lift a business like that up and be perfect right away. However it is not easy to fix the bad reputation afterwards either.

  6. Tay on December 6th, 2007 11:56 pm


    I find it rather funny how you don’t want to sway our opinions as you say, but then you make remarks like “so how could be be a scam?” and “Does imperfection make WB a scam?” Anyway…

    On my original WB post, I was told that money was removed from people’s accounts when they broke the rules. I was told this by Matt Hulett from Mpire, or at least someone who claimed to be him. However, I do find your explanation much more reasonable (even though the high majority of my visitors are from the US, so it’s a bit odd that the clicks I did get would be “international”). Click here to see that original post.

    Like I said, of course I am not certain of anything – but WidgetBucks DOES seem extremely shady and at this point I don’t trust the company. If I’m wrong, I do apologize, but as of right now my mind is still set. I don’t feel the need to explain all the reasons why I don’t trust WB, for all those reasons are listed in the post above. Thanks for dropping by and thanks for your time.

  7. Tay on December 6th, 2007 11:59 pm


    I agree with everything you’ve said – especially that last paragraph – and I think your girlfriend was right to remove the widget.

    You are right, WidgetBucks looked like a good company that had a lot of potential. Their ads are a whole lot more appealing than those of any other company I have seen. However, the way they run their company and the mistakes they’ve made make them seem pretty untrustworthy to me, so I dropped them too. And now here I am, still firmly set in my opinions that they are a scam, despite what others tell me. I hope I’m wrong, for the company’s sake and for all the people who publish their ads.

    Thanks for your comment and for your time, I appreciate it. :)

  8. Contentina on December 7th, 2007 12:41 am

    You are welcome :)

    Since I am here now… I recently got an email from Charles Hefflin, the SEO20/20 guy, about PPP as they refer to it. The program is called Pay-Per-Play. Apparently there is a new piece of technology patented that allows people to put a chunk of advertising code on every page of their web site and when the visitor comes to the page a few seconds audio advertisement auto plays. The publisher gets paid for every play. The program is starting to pay out in February. Honestly I am iffey about AUTO play feature of it,, but I am willing to give it a try since the adverts are only 5 seconds long, and you can apparently opt in to play 30 second adverts as well.

    If you are interested to take a look at the program you can access it here: http://tinyurl.com/3c3hnr

    Sorry about the link. You can remove it if you will or edit it. I just thought i would share this discovery. I am sure there will be quite a few people interested.

  9. Tay on December 7th, 2007 12:48 am


    It looks like an interesting concept and I think it would work rather well on several different kinds of niches, but like you, I’m iffy about trying something of the sort. It could annoy the people who visit this site, or if it was a first-time visitor they might get frustrated and never come back.

    The site’s layout isn’t too great (looks a lot like those sites trying to sell me something, like an ebook), but like I said, the concept is original. It will be nice if they’re legit and to see them grow, because the program could definitely work for a lot of people. I think it just all depends on the niche of the site.

    Thanks for sharing it with me – and the link is no problem. You can link to or share anything you like, as long as it’s not inappropriate. I appreciate it! :)

    EDIT: I see it can go on Myspace profiles and any site like that where it won’t go against terms of service, so that is good. I might use it on those sorts of sites instead, since I don’t have a niche site where it would out well without annoying visitors.

  10. Contentina on December 7th, 2007 1:09 am

    Hahahah,, you are right about the niche appropriateness.. Imagine an “Intestinal Disease” blog with Harley Davidson Commercial auto playing a 5 second “ride of a life time tune”!

    Just joking. Apparently they will be able to target the ads. Let’s give them time to show what they have.

    Write you later! Take care!

  11. Tay on December 7th, 2007 3:35 am



    I’ve realized that they target ads, but when I said it depends on the niche, I really meant that you needed to have a site where the visitors wouldn’t mind hearing an unexpected burst of audio. On this site, I think my visitors would mind.

    Sites like that might be ones that aren’t all that serious, like humor sites or online arcade game sites. But yes, I will keep an eye on them because it is a great idea and has plenty of potential. Thanks again! :)

  12. Ruchir on December 8th, 2007 4:18 am

    Well about the termination issue, many companies do that. It’s just that they are so large that it goes largely unnoticed. See Google, they’ve banned numerous people till date for no apparent reason at all. Plus, they CAN terminate your account for no reason, see their TOS.

    I’ll be starting to use widgetbucks as, as I don’t have many options. Though I still think they need a management overhaul…

  13. Tay on December 8th, 2007 8:25 pm


    You are very right. I guess it’s that WidgetBucks is a new company and you can’t be 100% sure if they’re trustworthy yet or why earnings disappear from accounts without reason. You can’t tell if there IS an underlying reason or if WB is just trying to save themselves a lot when it comes payment time. Besides that, I agree with you – they DO need a management overhaul.

  14. Eric on December 9th, 2007 4:51 pm

    They don’t pay the click outside of USA and Canada countries, so I already removed my widget of widgetbucks.

  15. Tay on December 10th, 2007 2:42 am


    You’re right, they don’t – and that’s another thing that makes them a poor program. I know every single site that exists receives visitors from other countries, even if the dominant country is the USA, those other clicks still exist. And when WidgetBucks keeps our money for those, that’s just a poor move on their part. You made a smart choice! ;)

  16. n-blue on December 13th, 2007 2:34 pm

    For small notice, you should add “no-follow” to the links of their blog and post.

  17. Widgetbucks a SCAM? But they are paying isn’t it? | BSL5.com by whlooi on December 17th, 2007 5:58 am

    […] our click-earnings were take away from the account without any notices. Besides Tay, the admin for superbloggingtips.comDigitaPoint.com as well. Some of them lost more than 20 days of earnings. What is wrong with WB? […]

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