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Learn How to Measure Your Productivity

January 30, 2008

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Every blogger wants to be productive. If you have a blog, I’m sure you want to get things done without wasting time and have plenty of profits and benefits from the effort you put in. But sometimes we can find it hard to be productive and constantly put out great content and promote our blogs. We get wrapped up in reading other sites, playing online games, and checking our statistics too much – along with dozens of other non-productive things we do on a daily basis.

Wasting time is very easy to do, but if you want to work on being more productive, then MeasureProductivity.com is for you. They not only have some great articles on how to increase productivity, but they have some helpful productivity software as well. The full version of one license of the software is $60, but if you want to see if you like it first, then there’s a free 30 day trial you can download as well.

Basically the MeasureProductivity software helps you to self-examine how productive you are while on the computer. In case you get carried away, you can open the analysis and see how much time you have spent doing what. This way you can figure what you’re doing the most of, and you can work on correcting that problem and being more productive.

I can think of many ways how software like this can be helpful. If you’re a blogger, it can help you eliminate things you do that you don’t need to do and focus more on writing quality content and increasing your readerbase. You can keep a chart of how productive you’re being and keep up with everything you do. If you’re dedicated, then you would only see improvement in how much you get done.

So if you want to optimize the time you spend on certain tasks and increase your productivity, MeasureProductivity.com is an excellent resource for all your productivity measures, information, software, and more. If anything, go ahead and get that 30 day free trial!

Find Ideas for Posts by Using Forums

January 29, 2008

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All communities and forums have so much potential to help you grow your blog. Previously I discussed how you can gain traffic and make money using forums. If you post on forums that are in your niche by answering questions and helping others, then not only are you building your name and your brand to be a trustworthy source, but you’re also probably increasing your readerbase and exposing your blog to a new audience. Getting your blog out there is a good thing, but when the traffic from that forum comes in, you’re going to want to have great posts to show those new visitors as well.

Luckily, forums can do much more besides driving traffic and helping to promote your blog. They also contain an insane amount of information that can inspire you and give you tons of ideas for writing articles for your blog. Even better yet, forums are full of questions.

By reading forums in your niche and all the questions other webmasters and bloggers are asking, you’re going to know what kind of information and articles people want. If a lot of people don’t know what something is, you can write a post on your blog explaining it. Not only are you getting ideas for new content, but you’re also providing articles that are helpful and in demand – articles that you know will help a lot of people. This gives you a huge advantage.

Even better still, after you write that post on your blog you can go to all the forum posts asking the question, and answer it by providing a link to your new, helpful article and maybe some extra advice. You’ll be showing that you’re a great source for information, that you’re a helpful blogger, and that your posts are useful and actually contain answers people are looking for.

For example, let’s say you read a forum post where someone asks how to write a great blog post title. This gives you an excellent topic to create an article about. After you write your article, go to the forum thread where the question was asked and provide a link to your article, as well as any extra tips that might be directed to that person alone.

Knowing what people are trying to learn or the answers they are looking for helps you to write content that is always useful. Sometimes you might find yourself writing the same old thing that’s already been written, the things that everyone already knows. But by figuring out what people need to know you’re always a step ahead, and you’re also increasing your traffic and readership by being able to help others by providing the answers to their questions.

Forums are excellent and can help you as a blogger in almost every way imaginable. If you’re not a member of a forum in your niche yet, then I’d suggest you find one by searching in Google. I’d also recommend joining a forum that can help you with your blog as well, such as Digital Point Forums. By being a helpful and active member of a forum, you can increase your traffic, gain exposure, make money online, find ideas for posts, build your community and readerbase, network with other bloggers, learn more about your topic, and a variety of other things.

If you have any questions, go ahead and leave a comment so that I or one of the other readers can help you. If you liked this post, subscribe to Super Blogging because there are more to come that you don’t want to miss!

The All-Time Best Blogging Articles of January 2008

January 27, 2008

all-time best blogging articles

Hello, and welcome to the second edition of Super Blogging’s group writing project, The All-Time Best Blogging Articles. I recently asked my readers to submit their articles about blogging, and now I’m sharing these articles with you. This has created an amazing resource for all bloggers out there, so thank you for your submissions. I hope you enjoy January 2008’s edition of The All-Time Best Blogging Articles!


How to Be a Focused & Productive Blogger: Have a Weekly Theme by Ruchir at TechnoMoney.net.

See How Easily You Can Beat the Daily Blogging Gremlins by Jacob at GreatCircle.com.au.

What Do You Think of Weekly/Monthly Roundups, Themes, and Link Love Posts? by Lillie at LillieAmmann.com.

What Everybody Ought to Know About Preventing Interruptions and Avoiding Distractions by Jacob at JobMob.co.il.


Top 10 Basic SEO Tips to Build a High Traffic Website by Vijay at eTechBuzz.com.

125+ Super Tips to Increasing Sticky Blog Traffic by Jacob at JobMob.co.il.


A Link is a Link… Right? by Chris at ChrisBloczynski.com.

Maximizing Your Website’s Income by Monetizing RSS Feeds by Steven at VandelayDesign.com.

Blog Design: What Should Be Above the Fold by Steven at VandelayDesign.com.

Testing Elements to Increase Your RSS Subscribers by Chris at ChrisBloczynski.com.

Premium WordPress Themes and Plugins: Making WP a More Valuable CMS by Steven at VandelayDesign.com.

20+ Practical and Ethical Tips to Earn More Revenue From Google Adsense by Vijay at eTechBuzz.com.

10 Tips to Use Sitemap Files for Faster Crawling and Indexing of Your Site Pages by Vijay at eTechBuzz.com.


Social Media Mega Project by Janie at JHSiess.com.

Blogging Metaphor: Blogging is a Large City with Hundreds of Small Neighborhoods by Lillie at LillieAmmann.com.

Five Rockstar Ways to Use Text Replacement Software by Chris at ChrisBloczynski.com.

Google Tricks by Moin at ANewMorning.com.

8 Ways to be a Blogger Without a Blog at Techne-Eikon.com.

The amount I promoted this group writing project was minimal, so hopefully we’ll see more submissions next time around – I intend to have a new The All-Time Best Blogging Articles carnival held at least every two months or so, so please stick around for the next one and subscribe to Super Blogging so you won’t miss anything!

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A Truly Free Credit Report

January 26, 2008


You’ve probably seen plenty of “free credit score” or “free credit report” sites out there, but the fact is, many of them usually aren’t free at all. They claim to give you a free credit report, which they do. But then later on you can be charged with hidden fees that you never signed up for. If you want to avoid that type of scam but still get a free credit report, then Credit Karma is the site for you!

Credit Karma provides its users with free credit scores, tools to track their scores, and special pricing and benefits. It is different from many other sites in the market because it actually offers 100% free credit reports with no strings attached or any hidden payments. Credit Karma pays for the credit scores using its advertisers’ sponsorships, while still maintaining a TRUSTe privacy policy.

There’s even a cool part of the site called Karma Offers, where the consumers can rank the offers up or down by giving a simple vote. Offers include things like free subscriptions to magazines or newletters, free trials on popular websites, or free electronics. If you don’t take advantage of these things you’re really missing out.

Invitation Code for Super Blogging Readers

If you want to sign up normally you would have to wait to be emailed the invitation code in the next batch, but since you’re reading this here you can go ahead and get started for free using the code CKFRND. So what are you waiting for? Sign up now!

The Best of the Blogosphere: January 25, 2008

January 25, 2008


Top 10 Hallmarks of Outstanding Content by DailyBlogTips.

“At some point, every blogger strives to create outstanding content. Whether it’s written for personal satisfaction, to get more subscribers, or to hit the front page of Digg, a truly outstanding piece of content has fantastic benefits. Creating it isn’t easy, but doing so is definitely worth the challenge.”

21 Factors to Consider Before a Redesign by Vandelay Design.

“Redesigning a website can be a very involved process, and it is important to properly plan and consider the necessary factors that will make or break the redesign. Here is a quick look at 21 factors that you should be contemplated.”

81 Useful Affiliate Marketing Resources by Blogtrepreneur.

“Whilst the idea of selling a product on behalf of another company or person has existed for a long time, affiliate marketing itself was born in November 2004, but has only really taken off in the past few years. New generations of affiliate marketers are raking in massive per month profits, and more people are starting to experience profits through this method. Here is a list (which is by no means definitive) to help you get started.”

Keyword Sniping – Finding and Choosing Profitable Niches by Court’s Internet Marketing School.

“Your scalability for making money with Adsense depends heavily on your ability to find and select profitable niches time and time again. In other words, if you want to make big money with Adsense, you need to know how to come up with good keywords. Keyword sniping allows you to target a select keyword, or group of keywords, but this process obviously doesn’t work if you chose bad keywords in the first place. Your keyword selection will determine in large part your ability to make money through internet marketing.”

6 Causes of Procrastination – Kicking The Habit by TheWritersManifestoBlog.

“Are you a major procrastinator? If so, you might want to take a reality check as this could seriously hinder you from moving ahead. Procrastination often starts when we are truly uncomfortable with having to do something. We feel intimidated, scared and out of control and therefore we simply procrastinate instead of getting into action.”

Conduct Interviews For Easy Content and Traffic by Blog About Your Blog.

“There comes a time when every blog owner looks for the easy way out for their next post. You might be short on time or, even worse, running out of ideas. Regardless of your circumstances, posting an interview with an interesting subject is a really easy way to generate content and get traffic to your site.”

Dosh Dosh Reaches 10,000 Subscribers (and the Reason Why People Subscribe to a Blog) by Dosh Dosh.

“The main reason why people subscribe to blog feeds can be explained in one sentence: Readers subscribe to blogs when they provide an informational or entertainment value so great that it would be a loss to not subscribe to it.”

Also, please think about what your favorite social media site is and share your answer. I am very interested in knowing what social media sites my readers use the most, and I will link to the best and most well thought out answer, so please share all of your opinions and make it a good one!

And speaking of social media, if you are interested in building your network go ahead and add me on StumbleUpon and Twitter. It is always good to connect with other bloggers and help promote each other’s content!

Thank you, and I hope you have an excellent weekend! :)

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