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Advertising Deals on Super Blogging

March 27, 2008

Hi guys. Today I thought I’d let you know about some great advertising deals here at Super Blogging, and also ask your opinions about the current and future monetization, including ads you don’t mind seeing and which ads that you absolutely hate. In this niche a lot of it is about making money online, of course, but I still want my readers and visitors to be happy with the options here. It’s not possible to please everyone, but I’d like to get as close as I can. Here are the deals currently offered here:

125×125 Banner Ads (Available!)

These banner ads are placed in a prime position above the fold and are sitewide. They rotate positions randomly with each impression and are visible 100% of the time. One 125×125 banner is $25 per month. Click here to purchase.

Featured Video (Available!)

If you go to the homepage you’ll notice that there is a section for a featured video. This space is popular because it is unique, very informative, and an interactive part of the blog. If you want to take advantage of this space with your own video, it is just $20 per month. Click here to purchase.

Text Link Ads (Available!)

Text link ads can help increase your exposure and are a very inexpensive way to advertise. One text link ad is just $10 per month. Click here to purchase.

Sponsored Reviews (Available!)

Sponsored reviews are a complete and detailed review of your site, blog, or service. They will contain constructive criticism if needed to help you better your site, and also promote it to the hundreds of RSS readers and daily visitors Super Blogging gets. Your review will cover any topics you ask and contain any links or anchor text you wish (but please remember all final decisions come down to me). It will remain on this blog permanently. One review is just $50. Click here to purchase.

To see all details, visit the advertise page.

You might also notice a new advertising option, the Featured Video. Right now the featured video on the homepage is one by Darren Rowse of ProBlogger.net, a video I chose to place there. However, I am willing to monetize that space as well (only to relevant videos, of course). Selling relevant videos there is, in my opinion, unobtrusive and can also be quite helpful. Let me know what you think about that.

I was also thinking about possibly extending ad space further, but trying to do so in a smart manner. This could include a stripe ad at the top of the page (see Winning The Web for an example). It could also be something like a 234×60 ad box on the homepage only. Or, I could consider selling text links that appear at the bottom of the RSS feed only.

I would love to increase this blog’s income while also making sure that it’s not overrun with annoying ads, so please let me know which advertising options I listed that you wouldn’t mind or would mind seeing on this site, and if you have any ideas for ad placement, I’d love to hear your recommendations. The web is expanding all the time and there are plenty of options – but I’d like to know what works for you, the reader.

Also if you like any of those deals seen above, I do believe advertising here will help increase your exposure in the blogosphere so get in touch with me or go ahead and grab one if you don’t want to miss out (see the advertise page here). Also, if you’re willing to advertise here in another manner, let me know and maybe we can work something out!

Thanks, I really appreciate it. :)

Creative Commons License photo credit: helmet13

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