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8 Ways To Add Value With Link Roundup Posts

April 25, 2008

Links posts or roundup posts are ones in which a blogger links to different articles on other sites. These articles should be ones the blogger finds funny, interesting, helpful, etc. and that will provide value to the blogger’s readers. Some bloggers only do occasional link posts whenever they see fit, and other bloggers will have them on a regular basis, such as weekly or monthly.

I’m composing this article because link roundup posts are extremely common in the blogosphere, but they don’t get much attention. Link love posts here at Super Blogging used to be a weekly occurrence every Friday – and now they’re bi-weekly, every other Friday. You can view the archives of link roundup posts here.

There are a few different reasons why I began doing the roundup posts less often. Firstly, it’s because the weekly quantity of content here has decreased to about two or three posts a week, which I feel is currently a good amount. Continuing to have a link post a week would really drown out the other content. Apart from that, it felt that the roundups were just a way to add some filler content, and they were something no one took seriously. Link posts can add some great value to a blog, but only if they’re done right and not as a way to just add more content.

So how do link posts add value to a blog? Let’s take a look.

How Link Posts Add Value

Show your readers what YOU’RE reading. By linking out to others on your blog, you’re giving your own readers an insight to the blogs you love and learn from. This way, if they’re not readers of the same blogs you are, you could introduce them to new resources. But if you’re constantly linking out to the same blogs each week, your readers could already be reading them and it would get old.

Link out to your blogging friends. The blogosphere is a very active and social community, as if you didn’t already know. Networking and building relationships with fellow bloggers is very important, and what’s an easier way to do that by exchanging links and helping each other out in terms of getting new readers and improving SEO? However, again, make sure to offer diversity in your roundups and don’t link to someone solely because they’re your friend – provide value.

Generate traffic from your roundups. Linking out to others doesn’t always have to be a totally selfless act. By doing this, bloggers are going to check their trackbacks and see who’s linked to them – thus visiting your blog and bringing you some more traffic. Also, if you can make your link roundups look more like a resource list, they could generate some success in social media as well.

Help the beginners. With Super Blogging growing more and more everyday, I occasionally get emails from people asking me if I’ll link to certain articles they’ve written on their own blogs. I honestly don’t mind helping out at all and if it’s a relevant, well-crafted article that can benefit my own readers, I’ll be glad to share the link love.

Provide plenty of information in one place. If you manage to compose your link roundup post successfully, it can be an excellent resource for anyone who views it, helping both you and your readers. Hours of reading and learning can sometimes be generated from one simple roundup, making it an excellent place to gather and share information.

As you can see, roundups offer plenty of benefits to both the author of the blog they’re on and the readers. However, there’s a difference between a good link roundup post and a great one, one that provides the most knowledge and entertainment possible.

How To Compose A Good Roundup

Organize your link roundup posts. Make sure all of the links and articles featured are on one topic, and that that topic pertains to your readers and will be once that they’re interested in. Make sure the links are arranged in some kind of order – whether it be by sub-topics or order of importance or quality. If you want, you can merely link to the posts, or include an icon, excerpt, or description to go with them – it’ll be a little more work but your readers will appreciate it.

Make sure everything works and looks good. Make sure all the links work and point to the right places, and double check that you’ve got the names of the articles and sites right. While you can always go back and edit the post later, it’s so much better to proofread and not make the mistake in the first place, so check for broken links and spelling mistakes, as you should with any other article you publish.

Make the roundup post eye-catching. Create your own special image or header if you plan on doing regular link love posts, or come up with a catchy name. For the link roundup posts here at Super Blogging I nicknamed them ‘The Best of the Blogosphere‘ and made a logo to go with it, at the top of the post. This draws your readers’ attention and even generates more traffic to the roundup.

Now that you know how to create an excellent roundup for your own readers, the rest is up to you. Are they going to be a regular thing on a certain day of the week, or just whenever you’ve gathered up enough good content to create such a post? How often do you publish new content? Make sure your link posts don’t overrule the other content, and make sure they haven’t just become filler – a post that you create just to have more content, and one that no one reads anyway.

Let us know how you feel about link love posts. Do you have them on your own blog, and if so, how do you organize them and how often do you publish them? As a reader, do you tend to skip over roundups on your favorite blogs or do you delve deep into them and spend quite a bit of time reading? Share your thoughts!

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10 Responses to “8 Ways To Add Value With Link Roundup Posts”

  1. Steven Snell on April 26th, 2008 12:35 pm

    Hi Tay,I recently moved from a weekly links post to a monthly links post for almost exactly the same reasons that you made the switch. This will only be the 2nd month for me, but I think it’s been a good move. Personally, one thing I do that really helps me out is to star posts in my Google feed reader as I come across good ones. Then when I want to create the links post I go back to my starred items and there are plenty of options for me to choose.

    Steven Snell’s last blog post..Interview with Israel Lagares of Health Ranker

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  3. Tay on April 28th, 2008 3:16 pm

    @Steven Snell,

    And I’ve noticed that ever since you changed from weekly to monthly roundups, they’ve become a lot more valuable to readers. I agree, I think it was a very good move! I realized doing the same thing every single week has gotten a bit old and no one pays much attention to those posts anymore, except for the people I link to. Thanks for sharing your tips about how you compose your roundups as well! :)

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  8. Fahim Akhter on September 24th, 2009 12:59 am

    I was wondering how can one automatically generate the weekly links that I collected in the last week for example from delicious? And automatically posting it on my blog or twitter?

  9. Gin on January 30th, 2010 3:54 am

    I have to say that yes, this is a new concept altogether for me in the blogosphere. Very cool tool I would think for all bloggers to consider. :)

  10. loll brooks on April 11th, 2010 12:35 pm

    This article is extremely interesting, as a newbie i am exhausting all avenues of getting traffic to my site, however this comes as light hearted relief, and not information overload as i have been suffering from. Thankyou for all the info!

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