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The Best of the Blogosphere: May 31, 2008

May 31, 2008

bestoftheblogosphere.pngкомпютри Hey guys! Welcome to another Best of the Blogosphere roundup. The first thing I would like to announce is, along with these roundups being bi-weekly now, they also are going to be on any weekend day – primarily Friday or Saturday. Since blogging schedules can differ, being able to have a flexible plan with the link love posts works out well. Thanks for understanding these changes!

Also, this is a pretty long roundup this time, so sit down and sift through it slowly… I’ve also divided up all the posts into categories for you, so you can easily find the ones that you’ll be most interested in reading. Enjoy!

Blogging Tips

The Pocket-sized Guide to Blogging at Skelliewag.

Indepth: How To Scale Your Niche Blogging Network at Blogging Fingers.

10 Mistakes That Will Kill Your Blog at Blogging Experiment.

How to Take a Break Without Breaking Your Blog at NorthxEast.

What Makes Someone Leave Your Website? at Vandelay Design.

A Very Long List of Ways to Get Blog Traffic at Bloggrrl.

Offline Blog Promotion Techniques (Part 1 of 3) at ScribeFire.

Focus Your Efforts on Low Bounce-rate Traffic at The WWW Observer.

The Limitations of Social Media at Blogtrepreneur.

Make Money Online

Blogging is a BAD Way to Make Money Online at The Blog Entrepreneur.

How to Sell Advertising on Your Website – 5 Easy Steps at Court’s Internet Marketing School.

Make Money Online By Blog Commenting at The University Kid.

Spam Makes The World Go Around at The University Kid.

Ways For Teens To Make Money at Court’s Internet Marketing School.


How To Learn SEO Fast at Blogging Experiment.

Content and Links are the Bread and Butter of SEO at Winning The Web.

Introduction to Organic Landing Pages at Court’s Internet Marketing School.

7 Signs of SEO Scams at Anywired.

Linking To And From Digital Point Could Be Bad For SEO at Blog About Your Blog.


What Does Google Say About You? at ProBlogger.

Make The Web a Less Colorful Place at Pro Blog Design.

7 Things to Avoid While Leaving a Blog Comment at DailyBlogTips.

Free Text Editors That Fit Your Writing Habits at MeAndMyDrum.

Everyday Photoshop Tips for Regular Bloggers at Blog Perfume.

Thanks for checking out this edition of The Best of the Blogosphere, I hope you liked it and learned a few things along the way. Also, if you’re looking out for participation projects, check out the BlogBlast For Peace 2008 and Carl Ocab’s birthday contest. Hope you’re having an excellent weekend!

The Importance of Proofreading and Writing Well

May 27, 2008

I’ve always stressed the fact that bloggers always need to proofread and edit their posts at least once or twice before they hit the publish button. You need to proofread your article’s title, its subtitles, headlines, paragraphs, and every word you’ve written. Apart from that, a blogger should make sure that all the links in their posts work and point where they should. The images and formatting should all be checked over and in place before the post even sees the light of day. However, some bloggers don’t understand this concept and think it’s no big deal if their articles contain errors.

But it is a big deal, as you can lose valuable readers and subscribers if the quality of your writing is low. For example, I was just browsing through my Google Reader subscriptions today and started to read three articles I hadn’t checked yet under one new blog I’d subscribed to. In the first article, I noticed several bad English mistakes and even a few misspelled words (and that was only in the first paragraph), which definitely wasn’t giving me a good impression. However, I continued, and noticed that all three of the posts were this way. After that, I made a mental note to unsubscribe from this blog when I got the chance.

I’m not saying that each article should be completely perfect, and I understand that everyone makes mistakes – I do all the time. But by having a professional blog, you’re putting yourself in the business of writing, so you should at least take the five to ten minutes required to reread, proofread, and correct your post of all typos before you hit that publish button. Even better, read over it yourself and then get a friend to read over it for you. A second opinion can make a huge difference, and that person can point out errors that you might not have noticed or even known were wrong. You could also get opinions on the post itself, and make sure you’re getting the point across clearly enough.

Part of being a professional and authoritative blogger is making an impact with the articles you create and with your writing, but you won’t ever be able to do that if your work is constantly full of mistakes. Instead of making a good impression and leaving people in awe, or making them think that they need to subscribe because they can’t miss anymore of your articles, you’ll be giving them the opposite reaction.

So the next time you write something, make a promise to yourself and to your readers that you’ll look over and edit it before releasing it. Write, reread, proofread, edit, get a second opinion from someone you trust, and then rinse and repeat. If you really want to make a bang with your articles, consider trying other helpful tips to improve your writing. Set a schedule, create outlines and rough drafts, and more. Don’t waste a good idea on a poor quality post, especially when that idea could be a big winner. Steal the spotlight and make an impact with your writing. With your new post, take the quality up a notch and leave your readers pleasantly surprised.

To read how you can fully write that killer post, check out an article I wrote in the past, 8 Ways to Write a High Quality Post, which contains ideas for preparing, researching, writing, and more.

Good luck with writing that excellent post, let us know how it goes, and if you need any help feel free to ask. The comments are open, so go ahead and share your experiences with proofreading and writing well, and if you’ve ever unsubscribed or stopped visiting a blog because of the writer’s poor English and spelling mistakes, let us know how you felt.

Creative Commons License photo credit: *madalena-pestana*

Note: Group Writing Project Deadline is TOMORROW!

May 25, 2008

The time left for you to submit your entries for round three of Super Blogging’s group writing project is almost up. In this group writing project you can write a new post specifically for the compilation, or send in older posts from your archives – so all you have to do is basically take five minutes, sift through your best and most relevant posts, and type up a quick email. There’s not much work involved, and in return you get a feature and links in a large and helpful resource that will be read by many.

Don’t want to miss out? Then check out the original announcement post, read up on the details, and then email me with up to three articles of your best work that are related to blogging in some way, shape, or form. Like I mentioned, the deadline is tomorrow, May 26. If you were wanting to enter then that doesn’t leave you much more time, so don’t hesitate!

I’ve already received many great entries, but there’s no limit and always room for more. As long as your post is relevant it will most likely be included in the final product. So send in your entries, and look out for the compilation within the next week or so. I look forward to receiving all your emails and putting this one together, I can tell it’s going to be great. Thanks again to all those reading and contributing, I really appreciate it.

And in the meantime, in anticipation of the upcoming round three, check out round one and round two for boatloads of great reading! Thanks again.

Also, consider checking out the $2 banner ad experiment, where you can purchase a sitewide 125×125 banner on SuperBloggingTips.com for just, you guessed it, $2. I promise you that you can’t find a deal like this anywhere else, so jump on it before it’s too late. Not only can you get plenty of exposure, but you can also be a part of a great experiment. Click here for details.

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Ideas for Creating Your Perfect eBook

May 22, 2008

This is part two of the series How to Create an eBook Without Spending a Dime (I recommend reading part one first so you’ll know what page we’re on). But basically in part one I taught you how to create an eBook totally free using Google Docs, with step-by-step information. Hopefully you’ve experimented with that a little and got the hang of it. So now that you know how to create your eBook, today we’re going to discuss ideas for what kind of eBook you can make and for what purpose it can serve.

eBooks are an essential part of the web, whether you’d like to admit it or not. Some people find them a waste of time, and some try to collect every eBook they can get their hands on. Either way, mastering the art of creating an excellent eBook is something every blogger should attempt to do.

Ideas for Your eBook

To figure out what kind of eBook you’re going to create, first you need to sit down and determine what purpose you want it to serve. eBooks are very versatile and can be made to effectively work in almost any situation, so take some time out to brainstorm. What do you and your readers need to get out of this eBook? It can be used to make money online, promote your site, build your audience, increase your RSS subscribers, attract traffic, give back to your site’s visitors, create a great portfolio of work, and even package your site’s best articles into one place. Here are a few examples of what an eBook can do using some of the ideas above:

Increasing RSS subscribers: Let’s say you want to increase your blog’s RSS subscribers – writing an eBook on your topic that will be helpful to your readers can be an excellent way to do this. All you have to do is write your eBook, and then place a link to download it that’s only visible in the footer of your RSS feed. This way, readers that want their free eBook will have to subscribe to get it, and then not only will you have more subscribers, but more happy readers.

Promoting your site and attracting traffic: Write an eBook that’s relevant to your niche and will provide good information for others, and include many links and mentions to your blog. In the footer of every page of the eBook, include a credit to you and your site. Then distribute this eBook for free to as many people who want it, and encourage them to do the same – make sure you make it clear they can share this eBook with whoever they like. Your eBook could go viral and get a lot of attention! The goal here? The more eyes who see this eBook, the better.

Giving back to your readers: This one is simple enough. Create an eBook that’s detailed and informative, one that will be relevant to your site’s visitors. Then create a page on your site titled ‘Free eBooks’ and post the link for others to download the eBook for free, no restrictions. Readers appreciate things like that, and although you spend plenty of time creating posts, spending some time creating an eBook will spice things up and make it special.

Obviously, how your eBook is written, its length, what it includes, and all the details about it will depend on its purpose. At the end of the year you might want to take your top ten popular articles and package them in an eBook and give it away as a free reader gift, and that’s all that would be required. But if you’re trying to build an audience, you want to make sure your eBook reaches new eyes and is impressive enough to draw them in to visit your site.

Creating and Marketing a Successful eBook

This is a series, and in the next parts to come, we’ll cover how to make your eBook successful – what to include, what to leave out, and how to make it look nice. We’ll cover how to market and distribute your eBooks, how to upload it to your site and make it possible to download, and even the multiple methods of how you can make money online with one and reap the benefits. If you don’t want to miss out on the future installments to this series, subscribe to Super Blogging in your feed reader or email inbox. It’s easy and free! In the mean time, feel free to ask any questions in the comments and I’ll be happy to help. If there’s anything you’d like to learn in particular about eBooks, don’t hesitate to let me know.

Part 1: How to Create an eBook Without Spending a Dime
Part 2: Ideas for Creating Your Perfect eBook

Creative Commons License photo credit: Pear Biter

Super Blogging Updates

May 18, 2008

Hi guys! I just wanted to let you all know about the things that are going on here lately, and some things to anticipate and participate in so you don’t miss out.

Firstly, I’d like to say I’m sorry for missing the bi-weekly Best of the Blogosphere update, which was supposed to be on Friday. Things are returning to normal this week, so look out for the next one. It’ll be jam-packed full of great articles to make up for things!

Secondly, there are currently a lot of things going on here at this blog which you might not want to miss out on. For starters, there’s the $2 banner ad experiment, where I’m selling 125×125 ads for, you guessed it, $2. So far it’s working out great, and if you want to get in on that great deal, you’d better do it now while you have the time. Then there’s also the group writing project, where you can submit up to three of your best articles and get them featured and linked to here. It’s a win-win for everyone, and you get plenty of exposure for it. But the deadline is May 26, so don’t hesitate!

And then, there’s the series on making an eBook without spending a dime, which will be continued throughout a group of multiple posts, teaching you how to make an eBook for free, ideas on what to do with one, how to market one, and even make money online with one. eBooks are fantastic marketing tools, gifts to your readers, or money-earners, so subscribe to Super Blogging so you don’t miss any of the posts in the series and any of the knowledge that’s to gain.

I’d also like to thank Jacob from the Group Writing Projects site for writing up about round three of Super Blogging’s group writing project. It’s a great blog and a fantastic way to keep updated with all kinds of projects you can participate in to gain exposure and network with others. If you’re not subscribed to it yet, then do so here.

Finally, I’d like to thank the readers and subscribers of Super Blogging, and I promise an increase of plenty of good content coming to you this week and from now on. And if you’re into making money online, then check out one of Super Blogging’s best sponsors, MarketLeverage. You won’t regret it!

Hope you all had a nice weekend. :)

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