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Contest: Win a MarketLeverage $50 Gift Card, Flip Mino, and USB Pen!

June 25, 2008

ml-contest-graphic-super-blogging.jpg Hey guys, today I have some pretty awesome news – you have a chance to win a $50 MLRewards gift card, Flip Mino, or USB pen FREE in a special Super Blogging contest graciously sponsored by the wonderful MarketLeverage! MarketLeverage helps advertisers make the most of their money by getting actual results, and helps publishers best monetize their web traffic. They have great support and one of the best staff teams you could ever come across. Before you read on, please consider checking out MarketLeverage and signing up today!

Now onto the details, let’s take a look at the prizes (pictured above):

  • MarketLeverage $50 Gift Card
  • ML Flip Mino
  • ML USB Pen

Here’s how you can enter to win:

  • Leave a comment on this post – 1 point
  • Sign up with MarketLeverage5 points
  • Subscribe via email or feed reader – 5 points
  • Link to Super Blogging and MarketLeverage on your blog – 10 points
  • Write about this contest, link to this post, Super Blogging and MarketLeverage – 15 points
  • Submit a decent quality, relevant guest post to Super Blogging – 20 points

As you can see, there are several ways for you to enter. You can do as many or little of them as you like. However many points you accumulate, that will be how many times your name is entered to win. The more you do, the more chances you have to win!

Leave a comment on this post and let me know what all you’ve done to enter, and how many points total that will give you. The deadline for this contest is July 9. After that, three different winners will be selected randomly, and MarketLeverage will kindly present you your prizes. Thank you, and make sure to thank MarketLeverage for their generosity with this contest!

Good luck and I can’t wait for your entries!

The Best of the Blogosphere: June 21, 2008

June 21, 2008

bestoftheblogosphere.png Hi and welcome to another edition of The Best of the Blogosphere, a resource to find all the great articles and updates from around the web lately. If you ever have a post or news you’d like to be featured here, don’t hesitate to contact Super Blogging – I’ll be glad to help you out. Enjoy!

10 Ways to Select a Profitable Affiliate Offer at Winning The Web.

How to Attract Advertisers to Your Blog at Blogtrepreneur.

Quick Internet Money Making Guide at Warrior Blog.

7 Real Reasons Blogging is Fantastic at Blogging Fingers.

Turning a Competitor Into an Ally at Traffikd.

An Innovative Way To Plan Your Blog Posts at Blogging Tips.

Community Websites Are King at The University Kid.

How Does Your Blog Really Look? at Pro Blog Design.

How to Sell Your Blog at Blog About Your Blog.

11 Places to Sell Your Graphic Art at Vandelay Design.

Also, if you’ve been looking for somewhere loyal and inexpensive to host your website or blog, check out our cheap web hosting recommendations page. There will be a detailed post with lots more information on domains and hosting coming soon, so keep your eye for it and subscribe (it’s free!) so you won’t miss it. Thanks, and I hope you’re having an excellent weekend!

The Benefits of Writing a Pillar Post

June 11, 2008

Have you ever had a great idea for post, such as one full of dozens of ideas or resources, but been too lazy to compose it? Then you’re really missing out and you better rethink things. Composing a pillar post, or a long and detailed one with a lot of authority, is one of the best things you can do for your blog. I’ve learned this not only by watching other great bloggers, but also from my own experience as well.

Some people think of pillar posts as top ten lists, or lists with five to fifteen points. While those kinds of articles do well with social media and fellow bloggers as well, they’re not true pillar posts – you can call them mini-pillar posts, if you will (an example of a mini-pillar post is 10 Ways to Create Exposure for Your Blog).

A true pillar post is long and contains a LOT of information. One can take several hours to several days or even weeks to write or compile. The first true pillar post here at Super Blogging is one you’ve probably heard of before, considering it’s still our most popular article to date: 75 Ways to Increase Your Site’s Traffic. That post took me tons of research and time, but it was well worth the effort, and I’ll explain why later.

For some other examples of pillar posts:

As you’ve probably guessed, there are more benefits to writing a pillar post than you could imagine. If you’re worried about spending too much time or effort on coming up with one, then quit worrying – like I said, it’s one of the best things you can do to have a successful blog. Here’s why:

1. Bringing in tons of traffic. With the pillar post I recently wrote containing 33 Firefox extensions, I saw tons more traffic with that than I expected. One person stumbled it on StumbleUpon, which led to more people stumbling it, until I saw a huge boost of traffic the first few days, and then a couple hundred new visits to that each day, from StumbleUpon alone. A lot of traffic comes to pillar posts by means of social media, and others blogging about your great new article.

2. Lots of backlinks. Another pillar posts, the 75 Ways to Increase Your Site’s Traffic, was written nearly a year ago – yet it still receives several new links from various blogs all the time. From tiny blogs with hardly any visitors to top A-lister blogs (such as ProBlogger), it has gotten many links. Not only do these links consistently send you new visitors and get you more exposure, but they help you in the eyes and rankings of Google and other search engines as well.

3. Plenty of new exposure. With all the traffic and backlinks you’re getting lately, this means lots of new people are being exposed to your blog and there’s potential that a percentage of them could become loyal readers – and you’re always trying to convert visitors into permanent readers and RSS subscribers. The more people see your name and brand, the more they’ll be curious to check it out or think they’re missing something big – so write all the pillar posts you can and get out there!

4. Creating a portfolio of great work. Whatever reason you’re blogging for, or whatever you intend to do in the future, it’s always good to start creating and building up a portfolio of great work. Your blog makes that easy! If you ever might end up writing for someone, or joining someone in business, it’s excellent to be able to show them all your best work and to impress them with some amazing authority articles.

And there you have it, four prime examples of how a pillar post can help you and your blog. Obviously there are more, but those are the ones to focus on – and if I’m missing anything important, please drop a comment to let me know! Have you written a pillar or authority article? How did you promote it, and how did the results turn out? Share with us in the comments below.

Don’t waste your time anymore – start writing those pillar posts today.

Creative Commons License photo credit: mugley

Grab Your 125×125 Ad For Just $2! And Other Deals…

June 8, 2008

125×125 ads on Super Blogging are currently selling for a reasonable $30 a month, but what if I told you that you could get one exclusive spot for just $2 a week? Compare those two prices, and you’ll see all the boatloads of money you’re saving!

Q. Why in the world would you sell an ad that cheap?

A. It’s all in the sake of experimenting. The 125×125 ad that is set apart from the others is the one where my Entrecard.com widget used to be. I wanted to see which gave this blog and its readers better results – letting them advertise via Entrecard per day, or purchase a very cheap $2 spot on a weekly basis. By taking advantage of this deal, you’re also taking part in a pretty cool study!

Q. Okay, awesome! How can I grab this ad spot?

A. I’ve made it extremely simple for you. The first thing you have to is PayPal $2 to tay [at] superbloggingtips [dot] com. Then just send me an email letting me know you’ve sent the payment. Also make sure to send me the URL of the 125×125 image you’d like used, and the URL of the site or page you want it to link to. Once you’ve done that, you’ll immediately go on the waiting list for the next spot to get your own week of $2 advertising!

Other Great Advertising Deals

I would also like to let you guys know that I’m running some other quick deals. Guess what? If you purchase a review, you’ll get a 125×125 banner for FREE! Reviews run at the inexpensive price of $60, and if you buy one, you’ll get a 125×125 banner for free! That’s a $90 deal at the price of $60, and it’s definitely not one you’d want to miss out on. If you’re interested in ordering a review for your site, company, or product and getting your free ad space with it, email me here.

Please also be sure to check out our current top sponsor, Market Leverage. They’ve been making a huge blast around the web lately and sure know how to interact with bloggers. Having worked with them, their support is amazing and always quick to reply. If you like, consider signing up with their program!

Thanks everyone, and have a nice day. Be sure to take advantage of the $2 experiment and the deals we have, as well as check out the latest All-Time Best Blogging Articles if you haven’t seen it yet. There’s plenty of great reading compiled from all your favorite bloggers!

Creative Commons License photo credit: ★eclaire

The All-Time Best Blogging Articles of June 2008

June 6, 2008

blogging tipsGreetings, and welcome to round three, the third edition, of Super Blogging’s The All-Time Best Blogging Articles. This is a group writing project that any blogger in this niche can join in on and have their article featured in the extensive collection you’re about to read. This has created an amazing resource for everyone out there, so thank you to all of those who sent in your submissions and posts to be shared! I hope you like June 2008’s The All-Time Best Blogging Articles. Enjoy!

Content & Writing

Four Surefire Ways to Write Magnetic Web Content at Search Engine Journal.

Take Your Starting Positions… at Punctuality Rules.

…And the Finish Line at Punctuality Rules.

Traffic Generation & Exposure

125+ Super Tips to Increasing Sticky Blog Traffic at JobMob.

10 Tips of Commenting in a Blog, a Good Style of Linkbait at Tech at Hand.

Site Development

Starting a New Blog? WAIT! at Legal Andrew.

22 Essential Habits Towards Blogging Success at Lost Art of Blogging.

Effective Linking With Your Old Post in 10 Steps at Tech at Hand.

The Comment Etiquette: The Guide to Proper Blog Commenting at Lost Art of Blogging.

3 Surefire Ways to Run a Totally Radical Blog Contest at Contest Blogger.

See How Easily You Can Beat the Daily Blogging Gremlins at Great Circle.

How to Get Back Into the Blogging Groove at On The Horizon.

Making Money Online

7 Ways to Profit from a Blog at Blogtrepreneur.

The Downside of Starting a Blog for Money at Blogtrepreneur.

20+ Tips to Earn More Revenue From Google Adsense at eTechBuzz.

Make Money Online With PepperJam at VHSG.


Top 10 Basic SEO Tips to Build a High Traffic Website at eTechBuzz.

The Art of Creating Titles at Learning SEO Basics.

Learn SEO Copywriting at Learning SEO Basics.

How Did I Get #1 from Google SERP in Manny VS Barrera Fight Result at Tech at Hand.

Social Media

Should You Ask for Social Media Votes? at Traffikd.

The Costs of Over Reliance on Social Media Traffic at Traffikd.

Marketers Guide to del.icio.us at Traffikd.

The Success Checklist I Used to Hit #1 on del.icio.us at GroupWritingProjects.

Twitter: Why It’s So Great And How To Effectively Use It at Lost Art of Blogging.

Blogging Platforms

Blogger Vs. WordPress: Who’s Got the Upper Hand? at BloggersGuide.

The Top 5 Reasons I Left WordPress For Blogger at Smithereens.

My Blog is Finally Talking to Me Again! at MeAndMyDrum.

Cool Tools & Sites

101 Essential Blogging Resources at Blogtrepreneur.

Join The iReply Movement at MeAndMyDrum.

Secrets Revealed: How I Pick Domain Names at MeAndMyDrum.

Google Analytics Step Two: Don’t Track Yourself! at Linden’s Pensieve.

Cool Technology: IWantSandy.Com at Linden’s Pensieve.

Diigo: Paper-and-pen Mark-up Meets Web 2.0 at Linden’s Pensieve.


Does Your Website Have Terms of Use? at Andrew Flusche.

Five Questions For Would-Be Bloggers at BloggersGuide.

10 Reasons Why Blogging is Like Dating t Romance Tracker.

Your Online Writing Life: Protect Your Reputation – And Future (Part One) at Colloquium.

Connected Lives (Part One) at Colloquium.

A Cautionary Tale: The First Amendment, Good Taste, and Writers’ Rights at Colloquium.

Why Do You Blog? at On The Horizon.

Thanks, I hope you enjoyed this amazing collection of articles written by some great bloggers. If you liked it, please consider stumbling this page or sharing it with your friends. If you missed out on entering this time, subscribe to Super Blogging so you’ll be in the loop and know when to enter or read for the next group writing project!

To browse the complete collection of resources of The All-Time Best Blogging Articles, see below:

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