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Want Traffic? Call John Chow A Bad Blogger

November 3, 2008

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Attention: This is a guest post by Jason – Jason Pereira blogs at The University Kidgrab the feed!

Without traffic, your blog is worthless.

Okay… while it might hold a personal value to you, it’s probably not going to fetch more than a few dollars if you put it up for auction. All of us want our blogs to grow as big as possible, as fast as possible… but what if you don’t have the money to buy exposure?

Yes, you could run a contest… but if you’re new in the industry without much credibility, you probably don’t have the funds for prizes or the pull for sponsors to donate prizes. No one’s going to join a contest where the main prize is advertising on your two day old blog with no traffic, especially if you want them to follow the rules of a regular contest (subscribing, blogging about it etc).

You could guest post, but what if other blogs are tied up and can’t accept your posts at the moment, no matter how good? Guest posting tends to work better if you do high quality guest posts in bulk, and this isn’t possible if your blogging neighbours won’t take your posts.

The next option… and an option I’ve used well in the past it to start things off by writing a controversial post. If you pick a topic that people love to discuss, and go against the common belief (or over-support the common belief) people are going to get riled up… and if they do, you gain instant exposure… especially if you manage to annoy a person established enough who gets ticked off enough to link to your website.

A friend of mine once wrote a post criticizing the grammar of a few top bloggers – guess what, he got featured on both sending him quite a bit of traffic. There was also another incident shortly after where a startup blog criticized Shoemoney’s SEO techniques, which again got a mention and sent traffic (I believe first month uniques for the blog were 90,000, which isn’t bad at all!). Obviously do not go out of your way to be an annoyance, but if you see something you don’t agree with, mention it and who knows… you just might be able to send some traffic your way.

The two hot topics in the blogosphere, especially in this niche tend to be John Chow or Entrecard… write up anything that displays something other than a neutral feeling and you’ll get people annoyed – those very much in favour and those very much not so. Although posts about the latter have died down, the former is still very much a hot topic… write about him tomorrow and see the reactions you get.

Of course, you can’t just expect people to find your controversial post of their own accord; a match will not light itself. If you promote it at the various social places – for example, Twitter, Blog Catalog’s discussion section and related blogging forums, well who knows – your post may set off a bit of dynamite. Do not be scared to explore the art of writing controversial posts; it is a difficult art to master, but if you do so you are guaranteed some debate… which is always a positive for your blog.

Creative Commons License photo credit: kevinmarsh