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What Topics Would YOU Like to See Covered?

January 4, 2009

It’s 2009, a new year, and that means new opportunities and resolutions. Therefore, I am determined to come back even stronger than before and offer new information, knowledge, and experiences to Super Blogging readers. You’ll have noticed that the post count here has been dwindling and new content has not been churned out as often as hoped. Of course, I am not a fan of posting too often, but there are still so many topics we could cover here and there are new things to be learned all the time as technology expands. Therefore, I would like to know what YOU are interested in reading about.

I’m asking you this question because I’ve come to realize that I am subscribed to so many blogs that just rehash topics and things that have already been said elsewhere, or write new content that their readers don’t even need, just to have something else to publish on their blog. I want to make sure that Super Blogging can be a site of quality in which you’re always able to learn something new and not waste your valuable time on.

That being said, what you like to see covered on this blog? What do you think there needs to be more of? I am open to all suggestions, whether it be a general topic or even a very specifically planned case study. Please share your opinions; I am looking forward to hearing them and I’ll also be glad to link back in a follow-up post to every site and blogger that shares their thoughts in a comment.

Thank you, and don’t forget to subscribe to Super Blogging so you won’t miss out on all the great content that’s to come. (: