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Determine Your Personality Through Your Blog

February 22, 2010

A person’s personality can be hugely determined through their style of writing and how they put themselves out there to the world. That is why I was so interested when I came across a site called Typealyzer. Upon entering it you are greeted with the site’s name, a subline asking “What personality is that blog?” and a textbox where you can input a site’s URL. It is incredibly simple and just begging to explored further. So what did I do? I entered Super Blogging Tips URL!

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11 Excellent LastFM Tools

February 14, 2010

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LastFM is a music-oriented site, designed for any music fan. It creates a profile page for you, which shows off the tracks you’ve listened to, and recommends new music based on that. LastFM also keeps a full history of all of your music, so you can look back on it and view customized charts and information as well. LastFM is one of my absolute favorite sites and I highly recommend it to any music junkie, especially someone who has a big music library is always listening to their favorite tunes on the computer as they work or play.

Another great thing about LastFM is the fact that it so customizable for the user to have the best experience possible. A huge part of this is all of the cool programs and tools that anyone can download, based on your own needs. I’ve compiled a list below of several good ones, so if you’re into music and LastFM, check it out. Read more