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11 Excellent LastFM Tools

February 14, 2010

LastFM site logo

LastFM is a music-oriented site, designed for any music fan. It creates a profile page for you, which shows off the tracks you’ve listened to, and recommends new music based on that. LastFM also keeps a full history of all of your music, so you can look back on it and view customized charts and information as well. LastFM is one of my absolute favorite sites and I highly recommend it to any music junkie, especially someone who has a big music library is always listening to their favorite tunes on the computer as they work or play.

Another great thing about LastFM is the fact that it so customizable for the user to have the best experience possible. A huge part of this is all of the cool programs and tools that anyone can download, based on your own needs. I’ve compiled a list below of several good ones, so if you’re into music and LastFM, check it out.

LastFM Extra Stats program

Extra Stats: LastFM Extra Stats is a cool program for your Windows desktop that calculates many interesting statistics involving your music tastes and listening history. It requires Windows operating system, an internet connection, and doesn’t have to be downloaded!

Music Quilt Screensaver: This cool screensaver is from Motorola and can be downloaded for Windows or Mac, as well in several different languages. It is personalized according to your tastes in music and LastFM usage. All you have to do is download it and type in your LastFM username, or a related tag.

LastFM Desktop Generator: This program downloads your user data from LastFM and uses it to create a really cool desktop background for your computer. This is a great way to display and show off your favorite music.

LastCollage: LastCollage is another program that generates a desktop background, but it is a bit more creative. Instead of just compiling album artwork into a nice background, it has more artistic depth by generating them into a collage.

Chart Changes LastFM program

Chart Changes: Chart Changes is a script that modifies user pages on LastFM to add chart information. It requires Firefox and Grease Monkey, but it is a very cool and interesting program, especially if you’re really into your music.

Genre Finder: This is a very simple program that shows what percentage of a tag or genre a user is. It doesn’t provide much use apart from satisfying curiosity, but can come in handy.

LastFM for Skype (Windows): The name is pretty self-explanatory, but this is a program which shares your LastFM play information with your friends on Skype. Your contacts can see the track you are currently listening to, and you can also recommend a great song to a buddy via this program.

AIM Plug-in: This plug-in allows you display the track you are currently listening to or what you last scrobbled on LastFM. If you’re into chatting with your friends as well as sharing your tastes in music with them, then this is for you.

Live Messenger Plug-in: This plug-in is the same as the one for AIM, but works with Windows Live Messenger instead. Publishes your currently played or last scrobbled track to your chat buddies.

LastFM to iTunes (Windows): This program updates iTunes with information on your LastFM scrobbles. Basically, it merges the two together so that your iTunes play counts and dates also reflect what you’ve listened to on LastFM.

TagBar: TagBar is a simple program that allows you to love, ban, and tag certain songs right from your desktop. If you are into customizing your LastFM music experience, then TagBar is a good download for you.

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