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Should a Beginner Start Controversy for Traffic?

April 25, 2010


I was asked a question by Andi S on an article I recently published about how to increase traffic. Andi said:

If I am a newbie my question is “Should I make controversy?”

Controversy is definitely a great way if you’re wondering how to increase traffic, and I believe this is true with the seasoned blogger, but especially true for a beginner. However, anyone looking to start some controversy has to take into consideration what their goal is, and then make sure their outcome will match that.

So, my response to Andi was simple: Read more

10 Simple Steps to Increase Your Blog’s Traffic

April 8, 2010

Rich boys have many toys

I have written about why you can’t make money blogging, but if that is still your goal, then increasing blog traffic is key and one of the main things you will have to focus on. There are hundreds of little, nearly insignificant things you can do to up your blog’s traffic one visitor at a time. However, this list covers 10 simple yet broad steps to increase blog traffic. Implement even just a couple of these points and you will surely see the results.

1. Get involved in social media.

No one can deny that one huge aspect of maintaining a blog is being social and building relationships with other bloggers. That’s how social media has helped to mold the internet. Create a Twitter and Facebook and invite your readers to add you so that you are able to easily network with them. Also participate in sites like StumbleUpon, Digg, and others. Not only will this aid in your traffic growth, but it will also help to build long-term results with repeat and loyal visitors. Read more