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10 Simple Steps to Increase Your Blog’s Traffic

April 8, 2010

Rich boys have many toys

I have written about why you can’t make money blogging, but if that is still your goal, then increasing blog traffic is key and one of the main things you will have to focus on. There are hundreds of little, nearly insignificant things you can do to up your blog’s traffic one visitor at a time. However, this list covers 10 simple yet broad steps to increase blog traffic. Implement even just a couple of these points and you will surely see the results.

1. Get involved in social media.

No one can deny that one huge aspect of maintaining a blog is being social and building relationships with other bloggers. That’s how social media has helped to mold the internet. Create a Twitter and Facebook and invite your readers to add you so that you are able to easily network with them. Also participate in sites like StumbleUpon, Digg, and others. Not only will this aid in your traffic growth, but it will also help to build long-term results with repeat and loyal visitors. See: using Twitter, using StumbleUpon, using blogging forums.

2. Work on your blog’s SEO.

Visitors coming from search engines may not turn out to be repeat visitors, but they are the ones that are most easily monetized when it comes to implementing Adsense and other types of advertising. To do this, you’ll need to gain high spots in Google and other search engines. To make this possible, you should rework some of the coding in your blog to improve its SEO. Rework HTML title tags, and when you write a post, make sure to include the keyword you’re targeting at least a couple of times. Then use link clusters within your blog — this means to edit a dozen or so of your other posts and link to the page you want to promote with its keyword. Doing all this doesn’t take much effort and really pays off in the long run. See: successful blog posting.

3. Get noticed by other bloggers in your niche.

If other bloggers in your niche notice and respect you, then they are sure to point you out to their own readers at one point or another. Draw their attention by linking to their posts within yours. This is a win-win situation: you provide your readers with valuable information, the other blogger gains a link and some traffic, and in return you are likely to grab their attention. Usually, the other blogger would be more than happy to link back to you in return and send some of their visitors your way. Another great way to keep your brand in sight is to leave valuable comments on the blogs of others. See: using link round-up posts.

4. Try your hand at guest posting.

One of the best things you can do for yourself and your blog is to write a really incredible, informative post that really packs a punch — and then don’t post it. Instead, offer it to a prominent blog in your niche. This will help build a relationship between yourself and this blogger, as well as instantly expose you to all of their readers. And this is another win-win: They get great content that will bring in traffic, and you get exposure and promotion for your name and brand. Often times, this could work out more in your favor than it would if you had kept the post for your own blog. See: guest posting is valuable.

5. Pay attention to and treat your visitors well.

Your visitors and loyal readers are what keep your blog alive, and you should be indebted to them. Take some time out of your day to answer their comments and emails. Show them that you truly care and that you’re not in this solely for your own benefit. This one doesn’t take much time to do, but it makes a world of difference. See: successful long-term blogging.

6. Improve your blog’s content.

This is one point that shouldn’t need to be said, but many bloggers don’t fully realize its importance. Your content needs to catch a visitor’s eye and draw them in. It needs to be clean, yet friendly. It needs to offer information or something of value — essentially, solve a problem or provide entertainment. But another big one is the way your post itself is written. Are your grammar and spelling proper and correct? Does the post flow smoothly and is it easy to follow? Does your post’s title pop? Working on all of these little aspects could have a huge impact. See: writing a high quality blog post, spectacular post titles, writing a pillar post.

7. Give your blog a makeover.

Even though content is king, as the ancient saying goes, people DO read a book by its cover. Your blog needs to always give a good first impression, and the best way you can do that is with its layout. Consider the color scheme, page arrangement, where advertisements are placed, and how your posts are viewed. Give it a little twist so that it’s different and draws a visitor’s attention. A blog that is pleasant to look at is that much more likely to have its chance in a reader’s personal spotlight. See: blog organization, minimalistic blog design.

8. Do something different that will make you stand out.

Whether it be offering a new product or service, going all out with your blog’s design, or even criticizing a prominent blogger, there are plenty of things you can do to grab people’s attention. You want readers telling their friends about you, and you want other bloggers linking to you. This isn’t that hard of a task if you can pull it off just right. Sit down and brainstorm, and come up with something that will make out stand out from the vast sea of internet bloggers. See: make money with your talents, start a little controversy, being a unique blogger.

9. Stop focusing on yourself and start solving problems.

People visit your blog for a few primary reasons: they want to be entertained, or they want to solve a problem. If you can do both at once, then you’re golden. But you must know that your blog will never last if you make it your main priority — put your readers first! It isn’t always easy, but they will appreciate it, and it will pay off for you in the long-run. Be informative, do something different, solve a problem. Give your visitors what they need. See: blog and be successful, traffic through word-of-mouth, creating blog exposure.

10. Take the next step and read further.

If you’re still interested in more ways to increase site traffic, then stick around at SuperBloggingTips.com and subscribe to the RSS feed. There will be plenty of in-depth articles added in the very near future to give you tips and advice on increasing your blog traffic, as well as expanding your income and how to make money blogging online. In the meantime, you can also explore some of the links included in the article for extra information, as well as check out the great sites featured below:

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8 Responses to “10 Simple Steps to Increase Your Blog’s Traffic”

  1. Sergio on April 10th, 2010 1:15 pm

    Thanks, a lot of things useful, I’ll use it on his blog

  2. Personal Watercraft Parts on April 11th, 2010 1:37 am

    I’m actually fairly new at increasing blog traffic and seo in general so these tips are a great help. Will definately be adding you to my bookmarks and visiting more often now that I found you.  Thanks Again.

  3. planethopia on April 11th, 2010 7:17 am

    Nice list.. It is always hard to start with something, hard to establish popular blog or website, but this list has everything what you need to keep on mind to get more popular among other bloggers and readers..

  4. medulincroatia on April 15th, 2010 10:42 am

    Thats it is so useful!!

  5. suroz on April 17th, 2010 11:49 pm

    If I am a newbie my question is “Should I make controversy?”

  6. Tay on April 25th, 2010 4:10 pm

    Suroz, it depends on how you view it. If you attack others and turn them against you, then no — that is something no one should do, newbies or otherwise. However, as a beginner, starting controversy is a great idea. Make people think or question something they might not have. It’ll alway make them remember you and spread your name or brand.

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