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Should a Beginner Start Controversy for Traffic?

April 25, 2010


I was asked a question by Andi S on an article I recently published about how to increase traffic. Andi said:

If I am a newbie my question is “Should I make controversy?”

Controversy is definitely a great way if you’re wondering how to increase traffic, and I believe this is true with the seasoned blogger, but especially true for a beginner. However, anyone looking to start some controversy has to take into consideration what their goal is, and then make sure their outcome will match that.

So, my response to Andi was simple:

It depends on how you view it. If you attack others and turn them against you, then no — that is something no one should do, newbies or otherwise. However, as a beginner, starting controversy is a great idea. Make people think or question something they might not have. It’ll always make them remember you and spread your name or brand.

The thing beginners really need to do to up their blog’s traffic and readership is to catch the public’s eye and make them remember your name. You can’t do this by writing about and rehashing the same old things everyone else writes about. You have to do something different. And what is a better way to do that than with controversy?

However, there are different forms of controversy. You might want to think twice before you write about something that could really anger your viewers and cause them to not want to visit your site ever again — after all, that’s not the goal. So don’t be TOO controversial if you’re looking for a massive audience. Don’t insult people or attack personal beliefs. Instead, question the norm. Make people think about something. Dig deep and find out some facts or information that could be underhanded and make it aware to the public.

Don’t push people away with your controversy, but make them want to return. Controversy can be a good thing, and can be one of the best ways to increase traffic. This applies to all bloggers, amateurs and veterans alike.

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