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10 More Must-Have Firefox Add-Ons

July 6, 2010

I previously published a popular article titled 33 Must-Have Firefox Extensions. Since that generated such a positive response and helped many people discover useful tools, I figured that a continuation of said article would be a good idea and prove to be very helpful for you… Not to mention that plenty of new Firefox add-ons and extensions have been released since the last article.

Firefox is fast and secure, and the browser of choice of 52% of Super Blogging’s readers, as well as myself. Since so many of you are Firefox users, I feel that it’s important to share useful tips and must-have extensions with you. If you’re not using Firefox, you can download it here.

So here are 10 more wonderful Firefox add-ons:

1. DownThemAll!: If you’re a download junkie, then this is the add-on for you. DownThemAll! is a highly customizable download manager. It lets you pause, resume, and accelerate all of your web downloads by command. It also offers an incredibly helpful feature that allows you to download all of the images or links on a page, which can save you from a potentially very tedious job.

2. Adblock Plus: Getting rid of all those pesty ads — is this really possible?! Of course it is. Say hello to Adblock Plus, the Firefox add-on that recodes pages you visit, omitting all of the annoying advertisements. Browse faster and much more happily after the installation of this wonderful extension.

3. Session Manager: What’s the difference between bookmarking a page and saving it with Session Manager? With the latter, any tab can be loaded exactly as it was when you saved it, with all of your preferences remembered and any forms still filled out. Save yourself plenty of valuable time and a lot of trouble with this add-on.

4. FastestFox: This is one of those plugins that can almost do it all. FastestFox allows you to save videos to your hard drive, even if there isn’t a download link. It also allows you to highlight any text on a page and FastestFox will offer a Wikipedia definition and links to various search engines with a query of your selection. All Wikipedia articles are preloaded into a left-column list, and if you choose the search engine, you’ll never have to continually click “next page” — FastestFox autoloads the results so you can scroll forever. It’s seamless and terribly handy. Whether you’re doing research or merely browsing, this add-on makes your life simple.

5. Copy Plain Text: It’s happened to all of us… We’ve tried to copy and paste text from the internet, and the font/size/bold/italics/underline comes with it. If you’re interested in just the text itself and not copying the formatting, this plugin is a huge help. Whether you’re quoting source materials or sharing something with friends, Copy Plain Text keeps it clean, plain and simple.

6. IE Tab: Some websites are stubborn and remain coded only for Internet Explorer, especially when it concerns sites such as Microsoft and its products. Switching browers would be such a hassle, but that’s where this add-on helps. IE Tab creates a new tab in Firefox that simulates the Internet Explorer browser.

7. ChromaTabs Plus: If you’re interesting in adding a little more color and life to your everyday browsing, then this little plugin can make a big difference. Instead of the usual gray, it gives each browser tab its own color. The color is assigned automatically depending on the color of the site’s favicon, but tabs can also be customized by you and given site-specific colors.

8. Personas Plus: Here’s another add-on to spice up the look of your favorite browser. After installation, you can choose from over 100,000 browser themes. Selecting a new theme is quick and easy, and provides a refreshing new look and personalization to your online experience.

9. AutoCopy: For anyone who has to copy and paste any amount of text on a regular basis, this add-on will suit you well. It copys text as soon as you highlight it, without having to right click and select “copy” or doing a Ctrl+C keystroke. It also corrects long, wrap-broken URLs automatically. Three cheers for making a daily task easier!

10. Tab Mix Plus: This add-on is incredible for anyone who loves being organized or can be slightly OCD at times, such as myself. It controls which pages open in a new tab, new window, or same window. It also has cool features such as italicizing the text on tabs you have yet to view, and has a feature to undo closed tabs. There are a lot more helpful features and details, but those are the basics. End of story, it’s worth the download.

If you’re interesting in improving your Firefox add-on arsenal even more, check out our post about must-have Firefox extensions. It contains 33 more great ones. If you know of an add-on that has changed your life, please feel free to share it in the comments section or an email — I’d love to include it in the next continuation of this series and share it with my readers, as well as download it myself! Thank you and happy browsing!

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