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The 3 Key Steps to Increasing Web Traffic

July 13, 2011

This is a guest post written by the author of the newly founded Blogging Boom. For more tips on blogging, check out their brand new blog!

Many bloggers often ask how to increase blog traffic, which is essential to online success. But just as you may be wondering, how can this be done? It’s simple. There are only three key steps you must work on: content production, networking, and promotion. Once you learn the main three, you can remember to integrate them into your daily blogging routine. So let’s delve in a little further and discover how you can reach your true online potential.

1. Content Production:

a) Write how-to’s, lists, guides, tutorials, and resource compilations
b) Set out to publish one linkbait/pillar article per week
c) Quality over quantity: don’t post every single day
d) Guest post for other bloggers

2. Networking:

a) Respond to all your emails and questions received
b) Comment on other blogs
c) Link to other bloggers in your niche
d) Use social networking: Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, etc.

3. Promotion:

a) Submit your content to social media sites
b) Tell others in your network about articles you’ve published
c) Post in online forums and groups and reference your content
d) Link to your guest posts and get your name out there

Increasing blog traffic certainly isn’t difficult, and generally tends to just require a push in the right direction. After you’ve begun promoting your blog and gotten it off the ground or overcome your recent traffic plateau, much of the work begins to happen for you. Good luck!

20 Quick Tips for Deciding on a Domain Name

July 10, 2011

This is a guest post written by the author of the newly founded Blogging Boom. For more tips on blogging, check out their brand new blog!

Choosing a domain name can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be if you know the right secrets. The first thing to realize before beginning your search for Mr. Right Domain Name, however, is the importance of this decision. Your domain name is like the address and name tag of your website all in one. It is how your visitors will locate you, get to know you, remember you, and tell others about you. Therefore, your domain name must be one that will allow all of those things to be done easily, so don’t rush into a decision. The choice for your domain name can easily make or break your potential success.

1. Register the “.com” extension.
2. Think up a list of vital keywords that describe your site.
3. Brainstorm, use trial and error, and mix and match these keywords.
4. Don’t use hyphens in your domain name.
5. Don’t use numbers either.
6. Make your business name and your domain name the same thing.
7. Keep the URL as short as possible.
8. Make sure that your domain name is easy to type and spell.
9. Consider if your keywords could have multiple or differing meanings.
10. Say your domain name aloud and see how it looks written down.
11. Use a thesaurus to come up with creative keywords.
12. Avoid overly-generic and too-complicated descriptive terms.
13. Make sure your future domain name stands apart from the crowd.
14. Come up with something memorable, catchy, and unique.
15. Tie your domain name choice into helping you build your brand.
16. Make sure there aren’t other businesses using the same/similar name.
17. Do plenty of research.
18. Choose a registrar that offers renewal warnings and protections.
19. Don’t be afraid to register other extensions and misspellings of your URL.
20. Play around with keywords until you have the perfect domain name, then snatch it!

Once you’ve selected that perfect domain name, you will be able to step into the online world with ease and poise. After you decide upon your domain name and register it, the next step will be building your brand and getting visitors to take notice. For more blogging tips, please keep tabs on BloggingBoom.com and the future guest posts that will be seen here at SuperBloggingTips.com. Good luck in your online ventures!