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33 Must-Have Firefox Extensions

March 30, 2008

Firefox logoFirefox is faster, more secure, and can easily be customized to look and perform just how you want it to. There are thousands of add-ons, extensions, and themes to download to personalize your browser’s look, feel, and use. Whether you use the internet for fun or serious work, there are tools to make your daily life even easier.

Thus, Firefox is my browser of choice – and it’s also the browser of 72% of Super Blogging readers. Since so many of you are Firefox users, I thought I’d share some excellent must-have Firefox extensions to make your internet browsing more enjoyable. If you’re not using Firefox, then I at least recommend you to try it and see how great it is for yourself. You can download it here.

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You Can Learn A Lot From The WWW Observer

March 4, 2008


There are millions of blogs out there, but only a small percentage of them offer quality content and a fresh perspective. The WWW Observer is one of those blogs that you can learn a lot from and that has plenty to offer.

The WWW Observer is one of the best examples of how an amazing blog should look and feel. It has a great name and a domain that’s unique yet easily remembered. It also has a clean and organized layout that still manages to be fresh and attractive at the same time. The WWW Observer isn’t one of those blogs filled with huge chunks of ugly text and an endless amount of widgets. It’s tidy, easy to navigate, and very web 2.0. In all of those aspects, you could definitely learn a lot from The WWW Observer if you’re a blogger yourself.

But past how the blog looks, the actual content is what really makes it so exceptional. The author writes with a feel of authority and you know you can trust what his articles say. Apart from that, there are never any grammatical or spelling errors. While other blogs contain mistakes which make them hard to read, paragraphs that are too long, or a lack of images, The WWW Observer is one blog that you know you’ll never have a hard time with.

And like I’ve already mentioned, the content is pure quality and you actually get something from it. One of my favorites is SEO Guide: How to Optimize a WordPress Blog. People talk about SEO all the time, but many of them don’t really know how to properly optimize their blog for the search engines. By reading and memorizing the SEO Guide, you can learn how to start on getting your blog ranked in the first positions for all your top keywords.

Another favorite of mine from The WWW Observer is the page consisting of helpful sites and programs that will make you money, Excellent Money Makers. The best thing about this page is that it’s updated all the time as the author learns of more great services, so by checking back you can constantly get new information and tools on how to make money online. How handy is that?


If The WWW Observer hasn’t already given you enough, check out the It’s Almost Summer! contest, where over $500 worth in prizes are being given away. There are many ways to enter, and different options give different amounts of credits. The more you do, the more credits you get, and the better chance you have of winning. You can join the contest, subscribe via email, leave comments, spread the news about the contest, and answer the weekly riddle to participate. All those things are very easy, and considering the high value of the prizes that are given to three different winners, you have nothing to lose! You have until March 31, which is the day the contest ends. Don’t miss out on this one – I know I won’t!

If you want to advertise on The WWW Observer to expose your site and get more visitors, I’d definitely recommend it. You already know that The WWW Observer has a great design and plenty of awesome content, but did you know that it gets over 500 unique visitors a day, has a PageRank 4, and places ads above the fold? And considering how inexpensively those ad spaces are priced, I think it’s a great deal. Some choices are the well-placed peel away ads, 468×60 banners, 125×125 banners, text advertisements, and sponsored reviews.

Last but certainly not least, you can subscribe to The WWW Observer so you’ll never have to miss out on any of the quality posts – I’ve been a reader for some time now and devoured the content each day. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it as well! Will you be the next to subscribe to The WWW Observer?

A Truly Free Credit Report

January 26, 2008


You’ve probably seen plenty of “free credit score” or “free credit report” sites out there, but the fact is, many of them usually aren’t free at all. They claim to give you a free credit report, which they do. But then later on you can be charged with hidden fees that you never signed up for. If you want to avoid that type of scam but still get a free credit report, then Credit Karma is the site for you!

Credit Karma provides its users with free credit scores, tools to track their scores, and special pricing and benefits. It is different from many other sites in the market because it actually offers 100% free credit reports with no strings attached or any hidden payments. Credit Karma pays for the credit scores using its advertisers’ sponsorships, while still maintaining a TRUSTe privacy policy.

There’s even a cool part of the site called Karma Offers, where the consumers can rank the offers up or down by giving a simple vote. Offers include things like free subscriptions to magazines or newletters, free trials on popular websites, or free electronics. If you don’t take advantage of these things you’re really missing out.

Invitation Code for Super Blogging Readers

If you want to sign up normally you would have to wait to be emailed the invitation code in the next batch, but since you’re reading this here you can go ahead and get started for free using the code CKFRND. So what are you waiting for? Sign up now!

Quit Blogging and Get a Tan!

January 7, 2008



A lot of us are just sitting at our computers all day, blogging or reading – instead we should learn how to take a break and do something for ourselves once in a while. Getting sunlight provides many natural health benefits and is important for you, but either the weather isn’t permitting this time of the year for many of us to go outdoors, or we’re just too busy to hit the tanning salon. That’s where SunTanning.com comes in!

SunTanning.com is a site with all kinds of great information that you know you can trust, because the site has been up for nine years. It has a simple layout that’s easy to navigate, so you can find whatever you’re looking without any trouble.

What Makes This Site Special

One of the strongest aspects for the visitor of SunTanning.com is all of the information and great articles it provides. You can learn all kinds of things, such as myths and facts about tanning, how tanning beds work, places to tan, and some helpful questions about tanning answered.

Another great thing about this site is its tanning lotion store. You can find and purchase hundreds of different items, varying from balms to protect you from sun exposure and tanning lotions and moisturizers. The store is easy to use to find whatever you need because of how it is neat, organized, and has virtually no clutter.

One more thing that sets this website apart is the fact that it has its own, brand new tanning forum. Whether you’ve never used a tanning bed in your life or if you’re an expert, this forum is quite helpful. You can ask any questions about tanning you might have, or share and discuss your favorite tanning lotion brands and skin care tips. It’s always nice to know that there’s a knowledgeable community right behind you if you need it.

Final Words

After thinking about it, you might realize a tan would be good for you – not only does the sunlight give you natural health benefits (such as helping your body produce vitamin D and maintaining a healthy immune system), but it also makes you happier and gives you a boost in the way you look and feel. If you’re not sure about some of the effects of using a tanning bed, or if you have any questions floating through your mind at at all, then SunTanning.com will provide the answers to whatever you may need to know.

And if you’re contemplating getting that much-needed tan, then SunTanning.com can also be the perfect place to get yourself some tanning lotion – there are literally hundreds of products available for all types of people. So what are you waiting for? Get out from in front of your computer and get into the sunlight!

Improve Your Vocabulary by Feeding the Hungry

January 2, 2008

free rice, feed the hungry, logo

As bloggers, we should be constantly trying to improve the quality of our writing so that our grammar, spelling, and overall English are better. But to have truly great and impressive articles that stand out, we have to have a fantastic vocabulary as well. Without knowing a vast amount of words, our posts will turn out being quite bland.

But improving your vocabulary doesn’t have to be a boring task. In fact, it has been made into a game – and one that actually helps feed the hungry – for free. I’ve been using FreeRice.com for a couple of weeks now, and this isn’t a sponsored post. I would really like to get the word out about this site, because it’s great for everybody.

FreeRice is a nonprofit organization, a site that donates 20 grains of rice for every vocabulary word you define correctly. This is made possible by their sponsors, who pay for the rice when their ads show on the page.

Once you guess three words correctly, you move up a level. If you get a word wrong, you go down a level. There are 50 levels in all, but most people do not pass level 48. FreeRice has a system that quickly learns what kind of words you know and which ones you don’t; it stays right on the outer fringe of your vocabulary, so you’ll always be learning new words.

FreeRice is not only extremely fun to play, but you’re learning new words at the same time. I use it on a daily basis, and I’ve already found that throughout the day words pop into my mind that I didn’t know before – I’ve actually learned quite a bit. And the very best thing of all is, while having fun and learning, you’re actually helping to feed the hungry. FreeRice is a site I’m going to be using for a long time.

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