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Use Blog Carnivals to get Maximum Exposure and Linkage

June 13, 2007

What is a blog carnival?
That’s a great question, for many people don’t know the answer! To tell you the truth, I’ve known about blog carnivals for a couple of months, but I didn’t fully understand them until just a few days ago. I definitely don’t consider myself an expert in this field, but blogging is a learning process, and I intend to do a lot of learning and helping others learn too. :)

Anyway, to answer the question, a blog carnival is not an actual carnival with lions, elephants, acrobats, and clowns. It is actually a type of blogging event. Blog carnivals are published on a regular basis, and a lot of the time each edition is hosted on a different blog (but not always). The publishings can be weekly, monthly, the first Saturday each month, or just anytime the creator wants to.

Why should I enter a blog carnival?

When you submit one of your posts/articles to a carnival, it will most likely be featured in the carnival’s next edition. This way you will not only get a link, but a lot of exposure and people seeing your article! This can help your pagerank, Technorati rank, traffic reach, and more. There are so many advantages, and a lot of people are already in on this secret. You should be, too!

How do I enter a blog carnival?

Just go to BlogCarnival.Com and sign up. Once you’re registered you can browse through all the carnivals and find one that looks right for you. There is a carnival topic out there for everyone, so when you enter, be sure the article you’re submitting is relevant to the carnival. If you have an article that is about making money with blogging, go ahead and please submit it to my first carnival, Tay’s Make Money Blogging Carnival. The first edition will feature the categories blogging tips, generating traffic, search engine optimization, and make money online. It will be hosted here on Super Blogging. So far the first issue is planned for July 20 and submission deadline is July 16. These dates are subject to change, however.

Go ahead and enter as many relevant carnivals you can to get a lot more links, exposure, and people reading your blog! After that, if you’d like to take a spin with being in charge for once, host your own carnival. It’ll be fun. ;)

Blog Top Lists: A Free, Easy Way to be Seen

April 21, 2007

I hate to say it, but I think I’m in love with blog top lists. I just can’t get enough of them! When I find a new one that I think might pull me in at least one new visitor throughout the week, I just have to sign Super Blogging up for it. I’m sure you can see that by all my buttons on the sidebar. So anyway, what’s a blog top list, and what can it do for YOU?

What is a blog top list?

A blog top list is, first of all, a great way to get a little bit of new traffic, and also a way to show how ”up there” your blog is on the charts. Some blog top lists score you by the amount of visitors to your blog, and some score you by the amount of visitors and they give you a vote button to place on your blog, where the more people vote, the higher your score is.

Here is an example of a blog top list. As you see, the blogs listed are numbered in order. The “best” ones are the top. What you’re aiming for, when signing up for the top list, is to be one of those at the top. Of course, I’ve never been right up there at the top, but I’ve still pulled in traffic from people viewing the list and clicking my link.

Why should I enter my blog in a top list?

First of all, it’s a win-win situation! You might say, “Ick, I don’t want all of those buttons clogging the sidebar of my blog.” But you know what? I really don’t mind. If the top lists bring me traffic, and people vote for me, it’s all good. But that’s only one way I win. Since I’m also running a blogging and making money online blog, anyone is interested in this topic might also be interested in the top lists – and there the buttons are, if you’re interested (which you might be, since you’re reading this).

What top lists do you recommend?

I recommend all top lists you can get your hands on. The more that link to you, the better! Of course, I think it’s going a bit far if you have over a hundred buttons in the sidebar from your top lists that all squeal, “Vote for me!” That’s a little much. ;)

But I recommend all of the ones in my sidebar. BlogTopList is a fantastic one. It’s in my favorite two or three. But I really, really love BlogSkinny. It displays the top 20 sites on its homepage (yes, I have been in the top 20!), and it gives you a daily traffic report through email. It’s not a true blue top list – it doesn’t have a chart with ALL of the blogs listed. But it does list the top 20 right on the homepage, which is great, and it also advertises random ones on the site too.

TopBlogArea has a nice layout and is pleasing to the eye, which makes it nice. BlogCatalog is a good one, as well. Like I said, sign up for as many top lists as you can, or as many that are right for you. Also, if you can find a top list that’s specific to the category of your blog, those are great!

Summary / Leaving Note

Basically, enter your blog in top lists. They get you free traffic and link to your blog, and a nice little button to put up on your blog’s sidebar (I’d definitely feel empty without all my buttons). :P So sign up for all the top lists you can, general ones, ones with dozens of categories, and even ones that are specifically related to your blog’s subject. I hope you have as much luck with top lists as I have!

Let’s Link Exchange!

April 10, 2007

Link Swap with Super Blogging!

currently closed.

So you want to link exchange with this blog, Super Blogging? What are the benefits of link exchanging, you ask? Well, I will link to your blog and you will link to mine. It is always better to have more people link to you, and besides that, if anyone comes to my site, sees your link, and clicks on it, they’ll visit YOUR site! And that means you’ll have another visitor and more traffic potential. To find out more, click here.

If you’re ready to link exchange, first there’s a rule. Currently I’m only linking to blogs that are RELATED to mine. That means they need to be on the same or similar topic. Like making money online, Google Adsense, online advertising, and more… Please read around this blog a little if you need to know more of what it’s about, and maybe even see some of my link exchanges under “Related Sites”. If I don’t feel your blog is related enough, I will just not add your link up. If your site works, continue.

So your blog is related to mine. Great! That means we can have a link exchange. Go ahead and put up the link to my blog, Super Blogging – http://super-blogging.blogspot.com – in your affiliates, blogroll, whatever you call the list of other blogs you link to. Make sure where you link to me is visible in every page of your blog (the sidebar, for instance).

After you have my link up (and made sure it’s working properly), post a comment to THIS post. Leave the URL to your blog’s homepage/main page and also leave the title of it – what you’d like me to name it as in my “Related Sites” column. When you’re all done, I’ll check the comment, and if your site is great and you have my link up, I’ll add your blog to my site!

It’s really not that complicated. Just make sure you have my link up and that you give me the address and name of your blog. Obey the rules and you’re in. I take new blogs, old blogs, all blogs as link exchanges, as long as they’re related topic to mine. Happy blogging!

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