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How can you add sense through Adsense?

January 5, 2013

Google Adsense is a cost-per-click advertising program, maintained by Google, Inc., that helps publishers to get their ads displayed through different media such as audio, video, automatic text, image and other rich media formats. The revenue from these ads is generated when the online visitors click on them. The source of all the income from these ads is compiled in a pre-organized pricing model which is based on Vickrey second price auction.

So, what can the benefits of using Adsense for your site be?

Increasing Revenue: Google Adsense helps to generate revenue for your website. It is basically beneficial for DFP (Double Click for Publishers) small business.

Gain Attention from Users: The ads that are displayed in the Google are not merely keyword-stuffed ones. The advertisements are interesting with quality content and relevant images that draw attention from the users.

Multiple Format Ads: Through Google Adsense, the publishers can choose different format of advertisements like image, video, text, and other rich media formats. All the formats participate in Adsense ad auction for generating high revenue for your site.

Wide Network: With the help of Google Adsense, a wide network of online advertisers can be reached easily. With a large number of advertisers bidding for spaces in the Google Certified Ad networks, you will have an opportunity to be connected with the highest paying ads which could be relevant for your business.

Now, how can you create your ad unit?

Step 1: Sign into your account: First sign into your Google Adsense Account. Then go to ‘Adsense’ and after that just click on ‘My ads’ in the top left.

Step 2: Naming your unit: After completing step 1, you will have to name the ad unit which you have created. Any name can be given for your ad unit but a relevant name helps when maintaining a large amount of data. For example, you can select the format of the name like this: [your target site address] _ [ad date] _ [ad size] thus your unit may look like this: perfectsite.com_470x350_11122012. Ensure that all your ad units’ names maintain the standard of the format you have created.

Step 3: Select a size and ad type: After creating the name format, select a size for your ad unit. Refer to ‘How to do it’ for a detailed application for selecting the appropriate size. Then, select an appropriate ad type for your advertisements. Determining the ad type will depend on the media you are using, whether it is in image or text or video format.

Step 4: Custom Channel: Creating a custom channel will help to differentiate ad units by different size or by different location. Through this channel you can track the performance of the ad units.

Step 5: Create an ad style: This feature of Adsense will help you to get an ad style for your advertisements. It is always recommended to choose colors and styles that are relevant to your website. Whether you customize your style or you use a preset style, a preview of the ad will be shown.

Step 6: Obtain a code: After setting up the ad unit, finally you must click the button ‘save and get code’ to get the html code for your site. Take reference from Google’s implementation guide to know the proper steps.

Will it really be helpful for your advertisements?

The Google adsense program delivers Google Adwords pay per click function to all the websites where the relevant ads are to be published. This program can be a great source of earning good money through advertisements. This is also useful for attracting more and more traffic to your site. Some of the site administrators have started designing their website specially for serving text ads of Google Adsense.

So now start adding sense to your advertisements through Google Adsense!

Author Bio: Arpita Bhowmik is a PPC strategist and a passionate blogger who likes writing content on digital marketing, PPC tips, blogging tips, etc. This is one of her numerous articles which describe the right steps to adding a Google Adsense account.

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Today I’d like to bring up making money online. It’s the niche we all claim to be in, but all we post about and are preoccupied with are tips on blogging and productivity. While that’s not a bad thing and while those articles are most certainly needed, they’re not about making money online. The last time I published an article about actually making money online was my review of PepperJam, over a month ago.

So now I’m going to discuss making money online with all of you – how much you make, how you make it, and how much work you’re putting into it. If you want, you can also let me know what things you don’t know about making money online, and then hopefully I can create future posts covering those points for you and other readers. But now, it’s time to ask the readers…

1. How much money do you make online in a month?
2. What do you do the most to make that money? (Sell private ads, do affiliate programs, etc.)
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4. What would you like to learn or experiment with when it comes to making money online that you haven’t done yet?

Most of the readers of this blog are obviously trying to make money online, so these questions should apply to many of you. However, some people don’t like disclosing all the details – so if there are any questions you’d like to skip or not answer in full, you’re not obligated to do so. Apart from those questions, feel free to share any thoughts and opinions you have about making money online – along with any questions. If there are any articles you’d like to see here that help you make money, let me know!

Thanks for taking the time to read this post and, if you do so, for sharing your own responses. We all have the same goal in mind, but it’s one we often talk about less and less. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts and learn what you all think. Remember, if there’s ever a certain post you’d like to see here about a tutorial, case study, experiment, or lesson with making money online, don’t hesitate to ask. I’m keeping a notebook of reader questions and maybe yours can be answered next!

Be sure to subscribe to Super Blogging so you don’t miss the results of this Asking The Readers session about how to make money blogging and online!

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