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Betshopboy’s First Anniversary Blog Contest

August 13, 2008

Hey guys! One of my good friends, Betshopboy, is celebrating his blog’s first anniversary on August 24, 2008 this year and I thought I’d let you know about the cool contest he’s having to celebrate. Here’s the contest information:


Prizes for 17 August draw
1st prize – a 4GB Sandisk Micro Cruzer skin flash drive
2nd & 3rd – a 125×125 ad book for 7 days (from 18 – 24 Aug) with PerformancingAds on my sidebar

Prizes for 24 August draw
1st prize – 4GB Sandisk Micro Cruzer skin flash drive
2nd & 3rd – a 125×125 ad book for 7 days (from 25 – 31 Aug) with PerformancingAds on my sidebar

Prizes for Grand draw on 31 August (one winner)
A 2GB Creative Zen MP3 player with 2.5″ TFT LCD for videos & audios & SD card expansion slot
A 125×125 ad book for entire month of September 2008 with PerformancingAds on my sidebar


* Registration and 1 point –> Subscribe to our RSS Feed via email (mandatory) and comment below that you are registered to win. You can use the subscribe option in the sidebar or at the end of this post.

* 1 point: Stumble or Stumble Review this contest

* 2 points –> Follow me on Twitter and Twitt about this contest with link to this contest page.

* 5 points –> Make a *New* blog post on a publicly accessible blog (cannot be on a password protected page such as myspace or facebook) and link to this page and the homepage. Additional 5 points given if you embed the above video(found in this post) in your post.


* This contest is all in good fun and is open to anywhere that snail mail goes.

* Participating blogs must be 90 days old and consist of at least 10 posts.

* Comment must contain link to twitter posts and blog posts, Twitter id and StumbleUpon id, so they can be verified.

* Winner must have an active subscription to Betshopboy.net when selected.

* Winners of ad spot must supply your own 125×125 image, which will run during the period stated above.

* Winners will be selected by random draw and will be contacted by email and you have 7 days to response. If there’s no response, a new winner will be drawn

* Contest ends on August 30th at 11.59pm (GMT +8).

* The organizer (that’s me!) reserve the right to reject any entries from websites that are generally offensive or pornographic, and any websites that can be classified as spam.

* The organizer (me again) reserves the right, at my sole discretion, to modify or replace any part of this contest, e.g., depending on the participation rate, additional prizes and/or early bird bonus may be thrown in if my subscription target is hit.

Those are some great prizes you definitely don’t wanna miss out on, and even cooler, if you enter early you not only get counted for the weekly prize draws as well as the grand prize, but your points are doubled as a special early bird bonus! So head on over right now and check out Betshopboy’s first anniversary blog contest, enter for some great prizes, and congratulate and celebrate with him. A year is a big milestone to reach! But before you do, one last thing – check out the following video from Betshopboy himself.

Betshopboy’s blog: click here.
Betshopboy’s contest: click here.

April Fools Blogging Pranks 2008

April 2, 2008

Yesterday was the first of April, which meant plenty of jokes around the blogosphere and all over. Many of them are pretty funny to read, and some of the comments of those who fell for the trickery are even funnier. Here are some of yesterday’s foolish pranks that might make you laugh.

Google – Virgle: The Adventure of Many Lifetimes
Google – Gmail Custom Time
Google – Google Calendar Wake Up
Google – gDay with MATE – Search Tomorrow’s Web Today
The Sun – UFO Spotted on Google Earth
TechCrunch – Why We’re Suing Facebook For $25 Million In Statutory Damages
ReadWriteWeb – Exclusive: Sneak Peek at Google DreamAds!
Times Online – The Facebook Tool Which Turns Your Mobile Into a Snoop
CNET News – TechCrunch Acquires Tiger Beat, will rename it Crunch Kids
John Chow – John Chow Cola – The Official Blogger Drink
ProBlogger – ProBlogger Launches PayPerTweet
DailyBlogTips – DailyBlogTips Has Been Acquired For $168,000
Winning The Web – Hummer H2 Added To Contest Prize Pool
Zac Johnson – ZacJohnson.com Blog Affiliate Program Now Live
Search Engine Land – Microsoft’s $1 Million Guarantee Program To Win Searchers
Garry Conn- I Got Banned From Google Adsense!
Blogging Fingers – Blogging Fingers Finally Breaks the 23k RSS Subscriber Barrier
MeAndMyDrum – Google Announces the G-String iPhone Accessory
The WWW Observer – I Guess It’s Time…
Where To Advertise – Digg to Buy Microsoft as Shares Fall
Darn Good Reviews – Frog Soap That Washes Away Fat?
ProBloggers Matrix – I Don’t Like Blogging

If you know of any other April Fools pranks on other blogs or websites, or even a joke you posted on your own site, drop a comment to let me know and I’ll add it to the list. I’ll also continue to update this list if I find anymore, so keep checking back and enjoy.

I hope you all had a fantastic April Fools Day 2008! :)

The Ultimate Blog Contest: Huge Prizes!

March 9, 2008

The University Kid has always been one of my favorite and one of the coolest blogs out there. Not only can you learn a lot there, but you can also have a good time doing so. Recently Jason has launched the ultimate blog contest, and calling it ultimate definitely isn’t an exaggeration – in fact, it might even be an understatement. This is one competition you’re not going to want to miss. If you don’t believe me, take a look at all the amazing prizes:

Contest Prizes

WordPress Themes

– Two licenses for the Revolution Theme ($160)
– Two licenses for the Premium News Theme ($200)
– Two licenses for the Purple Fever Theme ($100)
– One hundred accounts to the Themes Club ($500)

Blog Tools

– Three licenses by FruitfulTime.com ($90)

Blog Analysis

– Full Video Review By Marcus Hochstadt ($700)


– SEO Book Donated By The Net Fool

Blog Advertising

One Month

– Two 125 x 125 on Wayne Liew ($30)
– One 125 x 125 On Blogger Noob ($25)
– One 125 x 125 on EZ Money Online ($25)
– One 125 x 125 on Affiliate Gossip ($15)
– One 125 x 125 on Rhyan ($10)
– One 125 x 125 on Jim Karter ($30)
– One 125 x 125 on Neotrepreneur ($10)
– One 125 x 125 on Life is Colourful ($30)
– One 125 x 125 on BLJConsultant ($5)
– One 125 x 125 on Resell Rights World ($5)
– One 125 x 125 on Viking Blogger ($25)
– One 125 x 125 on Dot Com Mogul ($10)

– One 468 x 60 on Blogging 4 Cash ($10)
– Five 16 x 16 on Blogging 4 Cash ($10)
– One 150 x 150 on Blogging 4 Cash ($5)
– One Text Link On Mr Javo ($7)

Three Months

– One 125 x 125 on The WWW Observer ($75)

Blog Reviews

– One Review By The University Kid ($60)
– One Review By Yimto ($20)
– One Review By The WWW Observer ($35)
– One Review By Bloggeries ($25)
– One Review By Neotrepreneur ($10)
– One Review By Life Is Colourful ($40)
– One Review By DaBlogger


One hour consulation with The University Kid
Thirty minutes consulation with Neotrepreneur


– One Custom Done 125 x 125 Ad By Affiliate Gossip
– One Custom Done Sketch By The Pencil Sketch And Art Blog

Entrecard Credits

– 2000 Entrecard Credits By Xavier Media
– 1750 Entrecard Credits By Mixed Market Arts
– 1000 Entrecard Credits By Toast & Egg & Me
– 1000 Entrecard Credits By Affiliate Confession
– 1000 Entrecard Credits By Yimto
– 1000 Entrecard Credits By Site Hoppin’
– 1000 Entrecard Credits By Neotrepreneur
– 1000 Entrecard Credits By Affiliate Gossip
– 1000 Entrecard Credits By BLJ Consultant
– 1000 Entrecard Credits By Resell Rights World
– 1000 Entrecard Credits By Happier Life
– 1000 Entrecard Credits By Article Snatch
– 800 Entrecard Credits By Kirushanth
– 750 Entrecard Credits By Money Making Student
– 500 Entrecard Credits By Bud Calabrese
– 500 Entrecard Credits By Mr Javo
– 500 Entrecard Credits By ImpNerd
– 500 Entrecard Credits By Life Is Colourful
– 500 Entrecard Credits By Money Making Blogs

Total: 15,800


$100 Paypal by The Profit Hustler
$30 Paypal by Viking Blogger
$15 Paypal by Final Fantasy Fan
$10 Paypal by The WWW Observer
$5 Paypal by Affiliate Gossip


300 Stumbles + 300 Reviews from Niklas
$50.00 In Stumble Upon Advertising By Mixed Market Arts
Twenty Pages By One Buck Wiki
Domain Monetization Package By Domains Earn 4U
One featured, three regular links from The SEOTree Directory

The prize that I think I would want the most is all of the advertising: 125×125 banners, full blog reviews, and more. All of that advertising would definitely boost a blog and give it some great exposure. I also think the hour long video review would be an amazing prize, because it’s very unique and could also really help to get a proper understanding of how others view your site.

But either way, like I said – you’ve got to check out this contest. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain by entering!

Miscellaneous Blogging for January 23, 2008

January 22, 2008

Photo credits: twoblueday.

There’s a lot that’s been going on here at Super Blogging lately (and still a lot more planned), as well as elsewhere around the blogosphere. So I thought I’d fill you in, just in case anything has been missed.

First off, there has recently been a Super Blogging group writing project underway where you can submit up to three of your articles that relate to blogging in some way. Then, I will take all of the quality articles and link to them in a resource that’ll be helpful for all bloggers – which also helps you by getting a free backlink and traffic. The group writing project’s deadline was yesterday, January 22, but if you’ve written an exceptional article that you think would help others that read the resource, you can still submit it to be considered until the resource itself is published.

The second thing going on here at this moment is actually quite an important question – what is your favorite social media site? I am quite interested in what sites other bloggers use to promote the content they write or enjoy, or how interesting content is found. After all, we all have different opinions. So share those well thought out opinions, because I will take my favorite comment and link to the author’s site.

There are also a couple other things I am planning for Super Blogging sometime in the near future, so if you don’t want to miss out please subscribe to the RSS feed via a reader or through email, so you’ll always be updated.

But there are even more exciting things going on in the blogosphere! If you haven’t heard of Caroline Middlebrook’s free eBook yet, titled How to Develop Money-Making Niche Sites with WordPress, you’re definitely losing out on some great information. This eBook shows you how to use WordPress, create your niche site, and how to make money online with it. Caroline is a popular blogger and has worked extremely hard making this eBook fit top quality standards, so if you don’t have your copy of this gem yet, I’d suggest you download it now.

Last but not least, check out MeAndMyDrum’s redesign. Mark’s blog is one of my favorites, and now he’s made it look spectacular using one of the Revolution WordPress themes designed by Brian Gardner, with plenty of extra tweaking. I have to say that this theme makes me pretty jealous. Congratulations to you Mark for your redesign, it looks fantastic!

I hope you all have a fantastic day – if you need a bit more to read, check out Super Blogging’s top posts, or Caroline’s or Mark’s blogs that were mentioned above. :)

WidgetBucks Pays… But They’re Still A Scam!

December 5, 2007

widgetbucks sucks

I recently wrote about how WidgetBucks is a scam. Now, it turns out that they HAVE paid people, and written about payments on their blog. So you must think that I’m feeling pretty stupid now for accusing them of being a scam – but I’m not. Just because a program has sent out payments does not mean that they’re 100% legit.

They pay people to convince you they’re trustworthy. There has been word going around lately that WidgetBucks is a scam. But most people think that once everyone has received their payments, a program is valid. That’s not always the case. WidgetBucks has paid their members to convince everyone that they ARE a trustworthy company and instill that in your heads, while they’re still saving loads of money by removing earnings from people’s accounts and/or banning them for no reason at all.

Yes, they do remove their members’ earnings. It’s not only happened to me, but several other people. You log on one day and find your account is perfectly fine, except then you go to see how much money you’ve made and find the amount total a lot less than it was the day before – or completely gone – with no reason given whatsoever! WidgetBucks claims this is because the members are breaking the rules, but I seriously doubt this is the case. I know I broke no rules, yet the few dollars I’d earned were completely removed from my earnings. And if I had broken rules, why was I not sent an email or shown a message on the site telling me so? OR, you can be banned for no reason and for doing nothing, which also saves WidgetBucks a lot of money from having to pay you. I think WidgetBucks is using that excuse as a reason to not have to pay people the money they’ve rightfully earned.

They can afford to pay some members because they steal from others. WidgetBucks is still saving money even when/if they pay you, because they’re inconspicuously removing money from other people’s accounts when they think it won’t be noticed – and when it is noticed, they claim that you were breaking a rule or performing click fraud even when that’s not true – but only if you notice. They don’t say anything otherwise.

And how can WidgetBucks be a completely legitimate company when they’re so unprofessional? Let’s look over a few things that a professional company would not do:

  1. Their company blog would not be a free one hosted on Blogspot.
  2. They would not have the word suck in their motto, “Ads suck. Ours don’t.”
  3. They would not have made the decision to not pay for international clicks.
  4. And the already-stated, they would not dishonestly remove earnings from their members’ accounts or ban their members for no reason (or for a false reason at that).

That’s not all, but I think you’re getting the message. WidgetBucks is trying to get you to trust them, so they can get away with more scamming. They have the $25 signup bonus there to draw you in and convince you they’re legitimate, they pay a lot more money per click than any other company out there, and they’ve paid some of their publishers – they want you to trust them. But if you do, they can only continue to cheat the money away from the other half of their publishers. Like I said before, just because they’re paying you doesn’t mean they’re not stealing from you too. When it’s likely to go unnoticed, earnings might go missing with no reason provided.

Disclaimer: Everything that is stated above is based on my opinions, theories, observations, and realizations. I am in no way 100% correct, but that doesn’t mean I am incorrect either – and either way, I still firmly believe in all I have said (and if you’d like to know more on my opinions, just ask). While I could be wrong, I don’t want anyone to be cheated out of their hard-earned money and I want everyone to be completely honest with what’s going on – primarily the WidgetBucks company – but that’s not likely to happen. We may never know the reasons behind some of the things WidgetBucks does, and we may never know for sure why they’re removing money from people’s accounts – I DO know that that is happening for a fact. If you’ve gotten paid by them, then good for you. However, I advise you to check up on your earnings several times a day if you have the time, and pay close attention if any of them disappear. Please leave me a comment letting me know your opinions, for I’ve already stated mine.

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