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The 3 Key Steps to Increasing Web Traffic

July 13, 2011

This is a guest post written by the author of the newly founded Blogging Boom. For more tips on blogging, check out their brand new blog!

Many bloggers often ask how to increase blog traffic, which is essential to online success. But just as you may be wondering, how can this be done? It’s simple. There are only three key steps you must work on: content production, networking, and promotion. Once you learn the main three, you can remember to integrate them into your daily blogging routine. So let’s delve in a little further and discover how you can reach your true online potential.

1. Content Production:

a) Write how-to’s, lists, guides, tutorials, and resource compilations
b) Set out to publish one linkbait/pillar article per week
c) Quality over quantity: don’t post every single day
d) Guest post for other bloggers

2. Networking:

a) Respond to all your emails and questions received
b) Comment on other blogs
c) Link to other bloggers in your niche
d) Use social networking: Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, etc.

3. Promotion:

a) Submit your content to social media sites
b) Tell others in your network about articles you’ve published
c) Post in online forums and groups and reference your content
d) Link to your guest posts and get your name out there

Increasing blog traffic certainly isn’t difficult, and generally tends to just require a push in the right direction. After you’ve begun promoting your blog and gotten it off the ground or overcome your recent traffic plateau, much of the work begins to happen for you. Good luck!

Build a Link Wheel to Increase Blog Traffic

July 8, 2010

If you’re looking for traffic for your site or blog, one great way to increase site traffic is to build a link wheel. Link wheels are designed to create new backlinks to your site’s main page, which give your site a higher search engine ranking and more visitors. This in turn will increase blog traffic.

Link wheels are yet another SEO method, but instead of being underhanded or risky for penalization from Google, it is fair and it actually works. Implementing the link wheel involves writing articles and using other social networking and web 2.0 sites to link to each other as well as back to your main page (the page whose rankings you are looking to improve). Using the link wheel actually provides valuable content based on your topic, and helps to generate and build site traffic.

This is an example of how the link wheel works:

As you can see, you create several different accounts on various social blogging sites and write an article on each. Link one to the other, and on each one, link back to your own actual site. This is PROVEN to work to increase your rankings in the search engines and to build site traffic.

You can build multiple link wheels to link to your blog’s homepage and different pages of your blog, each wheel working on improving your rankings for various keywords. And after creating your link wheels you can drive traffic to those as well, which will create a snowball effect back to your main site.

Good luck, and check out some other great posts on how to increase your traffic:

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2. 10 Ways to Create Exposure For Your Blog
3. 75 Ways to Increase Your Site’s Traffic
4. #1 Key Secret to Boosting Site Traffic: Word of Mouth

Good luck increasing blog traffic!

Should a Beginner Start Controversy for Traffic?

April 25, 2010


I was asked a question by Andi S on an article I recently published about how to increase traffic. Andi said:

If I am a newbie my question is “Should I make controversy?”

Controversy is definitely a great way if you’re wondering how to increase traffic, and I believe this is true with the seasoned blogger, but especially true for a beginner. However, anyone looking to start some controversy has to take into consideration what their goal is, and then make sure their outcome will match that.

So, my response to Andi was simple: Read more

10 Simple Steps to Increase Your Blog’s Traffic

April 8, 2010

Rich boys have many toys

I have written about why you can’t make money blogging, but if that is still your goal, then increasing blog traffic is key and one of the main things you will have to focus on. There are hundreds of little, nearly insignificant things you can do to up your blog’s traffic one visitor at a time. However, this list covers 10 simple yet broad steps to increase blog traffic. Implement even just a couple of these points and you will surely see the results.

1. Get involved in social media.

No one can deny that one huge aspect of maintaining a blog is being social and building relationships with other bloggers. That’s how social media has helped to mold the internet. Create a Twitter and Facebook and invite your readers to add you so that you are able to easily network with them. Also participate in sites like StumbleUpon, Digg, and others. Not only will this aid in your traffic growth, but it will also help to build long-term results with repeat and loyal visitors. Read more

#1 Key Secret to Boosting Site Traffic: Word of Mouth

October 2, 2009

Mouth Every blogger and website owner is usually on the hunt for one main thing (especially if making money or recognition are one of their primary goals): getting more traffic! There are posts all over the internet about how to increase traffic, but there is just one thing that is key. Word of mouth.

Sure, visitors come from all over and for all sorts of different reasons. But the reason that causes them to want to check out your site over any other reason, as well as develop a trust in you and become a reoccurring visitor, is word of mouth. Read more

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